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  1. On 6/10/2024 at 4:25 PM, Yul Lose said:


    SW is correct, Yul. 

    One person resetting the Star correctly is actually much faster than two or three people getting into each others way. 


    Several of us played around for an afternoon, looking for the fastest way to do the reset.  One person who knows the technique can break 30 seconds, even including plate pick up time,     and the best part is that when properly done,  the Star is already in balance.  You just walk away.  It does not spin.  


    When a second person tries to hold the arms in position, the resetting person has to set plates in awkward positions, which takes much longer and can eat fingers. 

    But done properly, standing at the side, facing the edge of the wheel, the arms fall right into the resetter's comfortable sweet spot as soon as you start attaching the plates.  After the first plate is attached, you dont even have to pull the arms.  Gravity does it for you.  Just catch each arm as it drops into position. 


    Next time we have the T-Star set up, I'll make a short video to post here.  


    You are right though, Yul. most folks take forever between shooters.  Maybe a clear video can help that.   My experience is that shooters do enjoy shooting the T-Star.   

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  2. You did not mention what brand your primers are or if you changed brands in that last problem year.  For cowboy guns, there is a huge difference in hardness between brands. 


    Also, the recess below the chamber where the lower extractor tab fits looks deformed and possibly occluded in the photos.  Could the tab be deformed, or crud in the recess holding the bolt back?


    Finally, have you disassembled the toggles?  are any of the toggle pins bent or deformed?  


    (Personally, I would be hesitant to fire any rifle with a bolt that does not close tightly, unless you like hot gasses in your face -- or worse)

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  3. I'm wondering how they keep the lever stroke SASS legal and still avoid short round jambs with the short cartridges? Also, how do they handle/extract the rimless 9mm?


    It will be interesting to look at one---  but for me, not $2100 worth of interesting.

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  4. They should have named them after Biden.  His hallmark. 


    But there's a much cheaper way to DIY these and save the $800.

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  5. In our area, a 5' rattlesnake is a really big specimen.  Most adult snakes around central CA are well under 4'. 

    It was just laying there on the road warming up, and in a remote area, so I left it to its evening, rather than messing with it in dark. 


    I've had some real surprises in the past trying to walk up and kill rattlers in the headlights with a shovel, even after they've been  run over.  They can move real fast when they need to.  


  6. Drove out last night with my wife to see if we could see the Aurora from our Central Ca cowboy range.

    I stopped beside the road at around midnight, but there were still a lot of car headlights interfering with my cateracts.  So we walked a ways along the road and onto a side road to try to find better darkness, but we still couldn't see anything worth the drive.   We gave it up after a half-hour and climbed back into the pickup. 


    When I switched the headlights on there was a 5' rattler stretched out on the road about 10 ft ahead of the truck, right where both of us had been walking around.  He/she may have rattled, but neither of us can hear that frequency any more.  

    At least we had some Saturday Night  excitement. ( It doesn't take a lot to entertain us any more. ) 


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  7. On 5/10/2024 at 2:13 PM, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    Yes...  And No - it depends.


    Wrangler can be collapsed. 

    There is no protection.


    As for Cowboy/ Cowgirl.

    Cowboy and Cowgirl are the BASE categories from which all "Age" based (without style/ propellant modifiers) originate.


    Without designating them as such; they ARE a protected category (under certain circumstances) as they exist because there is no where else to collapse a Cowboy/ Cowgirl  competitor to (that is age ineligible for any other category)


    But they are not labeled as "protected" because the thinking is slightly different - IF you have shooters in Cowboy that are ONLY eligible to shoot Cowboy - it has to be offered.


    But lets say you have 4 shooters in Cowboy (not meeting your match minimums) AND all 4 of these shooters ARE age eligible to shoot in other categories - you are not required to protect Cowboy; you "could" legally collapse Cowboy and push the other age category eligible shooters UPWARD.


    And then you "could" have a match without Cowboy being populated or protected.

    But how do you determine if they have other  age-eligibility, without knowing their actual age? 

  8. As a young kid in Elk Grove Ca, I used to watch AND HEAR B-36 bombers flying over the house from Mather AF Base near Sacramento.  Their drone could be heard for at least 20 miles.  

    Then later on, living in Clovis, near Fresno, I watched B-52s out of Castle AFB fly over low practicing touch and go landings.  Both of those huge aircraft were unforgettable.  

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  9. A few years ago, I had a .270 rifle case stick in the resize die.  I tried everything-- heat, liquid nitrogen, vise grips, vise and hammer w/ chisel, drilling out the primer and tapping the hole, then running in a long bolt against the top of the die to force out the brass.  Then I tried to back-hammer it out using the tapped hole.  Finally I tried to turn it out in the lathe, then mill it out with an end mill.  

    I ended up with a new die and an old one with a beat up brass liner.  When they stick, it's almost like they fuse to the die. 

    I tried everything except concentrated  Hydrochloric Acid, which would dissolve away the brass but not the steel die.  That actually might work. 

  10. On 4/29/2024 at 7:07 PM, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

    Do not, do not buy from Caping World. Research dealers as much as makers.

    I found the exact same rig, same manufacture month, at another local dealer for less than 2/3 of the Camping World price.  And the other dealer actually has a qualified service staff who actually do repairs properly with no BS, unlike CW.   


    Do heed Irish Ike's advice!

  11. 5 hours ago, Matthew Duncan said:

    Hmmm…you might have provided an explanation.  I keep the rifle stored in gun sock too!

    This particular sock is quite tight.  Normally I check the hammer by feel, to be sure it is down, after I slip the rifle inside.  Apparently this time I forgot to do that, so it was stored with hammer cocked for nearly 3 months.  

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  12. I had a similar thing happen with a '73 hammer leaf spring.   I stored the rifle for a couple months in a pull-on cloth gun sock, inside a safe.  When sliding it into the sock, I evidently  pulled the hammer back to the full cock position and stored it that way.   When I next took it to the range, the hammer fall was visibly slow and the FP would not break about 20% of the primers. 


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  13. Two- handed shooter has a misfire on the 5th round in first pistol.  He re-fires 8 times with no additional round discharging. 

    Reholsters pistol with hammer down on an expended round, and bad (live) round in cylinder, not under the hammer.

    T.O. stops shooter to check for a live round under the hammer.  Round under hammer is expended.  T.O. grounds the gun and directs shooter to proceed.

    The delay costs shooter about 20 seconds.  Shooter is denied a reshoot.  


    On appeal, what would be the appropriate action?


    My own thoughts:


    Shooter definitely had one round unfired (miss).  Reholster was not a violation if hammer was down on an expended round, so being stopped was unwarranted.  


    -- Offer re-shoot of stage with miss from the unfired round carried forward.



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  14. On 4/23/2024 at 5:02 PM, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    That is strange.  Have you done some strange mod to your 73?

    It has a Jim Bowie Gen 3 short stroke, but no other mods. 


    It operated OK with the longer rounds until the Western Regional last August.  Then the 1.545" [edited] rounds rising in the carrier began to hang up on the lower extractor tab, causing nuisance jambs.  I have no idea why. 

    I lowered my crimp die to get a COAL of 1.525" and it works just fine.  I gave up trying to figure out why and just shortened the prior loaded rounds.  

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  15. On 4/23/2024 at 5:47 PM, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    OP, what's wrong with that finger?  :o

    The last joint outward was severed in a jointer-planer about 45 years ago.  It took several surgeries and 8-10 years to re-learn how to play guitar.  

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