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  1. On 3/18/2023 at 10:22 PM, Dustin Checotah said:

    I bought a slide rule to use for high school senior year Physics class. I learned to use it for multiplication/division and for Trig functions. When I joined the Navy and went to nuclear power school I learned to use most of the scales. The Navy issued slide rules but I used my own. I have it still. It is the one at the top of the picture. The one below is one my father gave a neighbor kid back in about 1965, that guy returned it to me in 2002. the others are some I picked up at random places. About all I remember is multiplication and division. At the Navy nuke school, we had to use the slide rule on tests even though electronic calculators had come way down in price and size. 


    Cube root is very easy.  Just direct read the D and K scales.  

  2. Can you imagine a winter like that back when the town was active with gold miners in the 1870s? 

    Those folks were TOUGH!


    If you didn't take enough time away from gold mining to store and protect stove wood, you simply couldn't survive the winter.   


    I often wonder how much gold a guy could have accumulated back then if he had a chainsaw and hydraulic splitter!  (And no Gavin Newsom to make them both illegal).  

    You'd probably get yourself killed protecting it.  


    Bodie is definitely a place that every cowboy shooter should visit before designing shooting stages and props.  It's the real thing, preserved.  


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  3. Is there no one besides my wife and me who shoot (and really like) their Browning SS ?

    Neither of us has ever had a single malfunction,  never had a repair, never had any problem, through thousands of rounds. 

    Pricey? Yes, but worth every penny (if you can find one to buy).

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  4. My friend today placed an order at the local Tractor Supply Co. store for 25pc.  4'x16' wire mesh cattle panels.  The sale price was very good at $36 / panel.  He did not have a 16' trailer, and so he asked if they could deliver the panels to his site, about 18 miles away.  The young lady on the phone told him the delivery charge would be $7,000.  (That is -- SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS or $280 per panel). 

    My friend was stunned.  He asked to speak with the store manager.  

    It turns out the delivery charge was $70.00 (still very high at almost $4 / mi).


    The original young clerk apparently didn't know what the decimal point meant and had no visualization at all of the magnitude of the price she was quoting!

    O----M-----G !!! 

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  5. On 3/13/2023 at 4:34 AM, Bison Bud said:

    Frankly, I'd say that 2.5 inches at 25 yards is pretty good for most handguns.  However, since they do appear to consistently shoot to the left and you are convinced of that, then either bending the front sights or turning the barrel slightly is about the only way to correct.  While I certainly understand your wanting them to be dead on POA, it's really not worth worrying about on CAS targets.  Now if that was 2.5 inches at 5 to 10 yards, it might be an issue worth addressing, but they are your guns and it's your decision.  Good luck and good shooting to all.      

    Four or five years back, I bought two new Cimmaron (Evil Roy) .38/.357 revolvers that both consistently shot (from a bench rest)  10" high at 8 yds.  To bring them to POA, I would have had to TIG a 3/8" height extension on the front sights. 


    Instead, I rotated both barrels 180 degrees,  shimmed them, re-cut new sight keyways, welded up the factory keyways, re-colored both guns, and finally was able to adjust the POA.   


    After I got into the repair work, I realized that I should simply have sent them back and asked for a refund.  But living in Ca., returning a handgun isn't that simple. 


    Reading the O.P. here, my suspicions seem confirmed that Cimmaron has poor or non-existent QAQC on their imported firearms. They were laughably  mis-advertised as "match ready right out of the box".  


    Reading the posts here, folks seem to be trying to correct a physical firearm defect by shooter technique correction.   
    The co-alignment of the bore with the sights is a mechanical issue that has very little to do with shooter grip, flinch, or

    other shooter technique.  The gun should be able to repetitively deliver a projectile to the point where the sights are aligned (allowing for some variation stemming form different loads).  The gun should be able to be accurately fired on the first round, by any competent shooter who picks it up.  But if the sights do not match the bore alignment, that introduces a learning curve of how far left, right, up, or down the shooter must mis-aim the firearm, or how tightly or loosely they must grip the gun - whatever.   


    In my case, shooting from a bench, the sights were too far out to be adjustable, so I fixed them, rather than try to guesstimate how far off-target I had to aim.  


    If the gun is not aligned to POA, it will still be precise -- missing the POA consistently in a repeatable impact group.   But the group will not be on the target without the shooter learning to mis-aim consistently. 


  6. The whole competitive aspect of the game is about shooters working at feeling better and being able to take pride in their performance.  Hopefully matches will never be so small that everybody can be in the top 5 Overall.  So if more categories help more folks feel good and cause them to return, then that works for me?  


    We finish a match and look at the score sheets to see how we did.  

    >Overall -- Ooooh!  121 out of 419 shooters -- oh well!  But look at that, I beat my arch- rival Frank.  He was 125!


    >Category-- 7th  in my category out of 29 -- not terrible.  at least I won a 7th place ribbon. 


    >Stages -- HEY, Look at that -- I was 5th in one stage and 4th in two others!  and I shot CLEAN!   --and if I hadn't focused on shooting Clean, my times would have been better.


    SO WHAT  if I had to shop around for a success story!  I had an OK match and I'm looking forward to the next one!   It doesn't affect anyone else, other than make the big winners share a tiny bit the spotlight on their shiny 1st place buckle.


    That's how it works for many shooters.  Many more shooters get satisfaction and continue to play than would happen if just the Overall Scores were published.  It is why categories came about and it is a factor in keeping clubs populated, IMO. 


    We ought to stop being troubled over awards for small category winners, and start appreciating the bigger crowd that still shows up to shoot.   Failing that,  all of the categories, including 'Overall' winners lists will gradually become too small to pay the bills for our matches.


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  7. 5 hours ago, Rip Snorter said:

    They are too busy trying to remove dams and hydropower.

    I think the king of California has his eye on Biden's job in 2024 and he is thinking about nothing else.  He has a lot of billionaire backing from SF and Silicone Valley, so watch out if he comes your way.  A total loser fruit-loop whose hands have never in his life been dirty.  

  8. 22 minutes ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

    This might open up an unwelcomed can of worms, and because I am not a historian, I gotta ask this

    question to those who might know:


    Is what Putin is doing to the Ukranian similar to what Lincoln did to the South when it succeeded?




    Insightful question.  Worth pondering.

  9. Unfortunately, American political dissent and "free speech" appear to be starting down the censorship and persecution road too. 

    You don't appreciate what you have until it's gone!

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  10. Nice video.  They skipped the forearm milling operations, which are eccentric and therefore MUCH harder to machine than the buttstock.  And the color case hardening process wasn't what I expected, But still interesting.

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  11. On 3/7/2023 at 3:45 PM, Caladisi kid said:

    Let's see, 1 cubic foot of snow contains 5-30% water, depending on density, so say you have a wet, dense snow you would get 3-4 inches of water in your square foot.  One acre foot of water is 43,560 sq, ft.  One square mile is 640 acres.  So if you have an aquifer that you have a well drilled into and your water table had dropped 10' and your water table covers 25 square miles than nope, drought is still a problem for many years till it is replenished.  :wacko: 

    Snow pack in the mountains is the time honored way to store water year round due to the melt in summer IF you do not use more than is available to replenish the aquifer and other uses.  You see lakes, reservoirs and streams dry up and people worry and complain BUT you do not see underground aquifers dry up so they do not get the same crisis status unfortunately.

    12 inches of rain covering one square mile is A LOT of rain!

    An acre ft of water is actually 43,560 cubic feet

    4" of water (1/3 ft), 

    If it can percolate in the available soil, will raise the water table by 4" (minus consequential  evaporation and plant evapo-transpiration).  A 10' drop in water table would thus take 30 years to replenish IF there is only one foot of snow or 4" of water content applied. 


    But California is experiencing average annual snowfall (in mountain aquifer source areas) of more than 30' this year (or 30 times the amount in your example).  So IF it can percolate and not just run off to the ocean, it could restore the 10' of water table overdraft in roughly one year.  


    However, it normally requires about 1-1/2 to 2 years for applied bulk surface water to percolate down into the deep aquifers, so the benefit of this blg snowfall will not be immediately measurable.

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    Unfortunately, California predictions by NOAA are running on the accurate side.  We have an extremely heavy snow pack.  Then, yesterday began a chain of warm tropical rain storms, extending up to the 8,000' elevation.  The snow is melting out as I write this.  Severe flooding has already begun as our badly needed water runs to the ocean, damaging property enroute. 


    Below is my video this morning of the bridge over a usually aptly named "Dry Creek" which guards entry to our Club's range.  The discharge through and over the bridge is well above 8,000 cu ft/sec. 



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  13. Perhaps an attorney in our midst can answer this.  Could an individual get a court to agree to their standing to sue for reparations, if that individual could show no tangible individual damage?  I know of cases where class action standing was granted, such as  Sierra Club v Morten, in which the club members established that their collective and individual loss and impairment of recreation at Mineral King in the (then) Sequoia National Forest warranted them being granted standing for a lawsuit against the USDA Forset Service  permitting of a new ski resort.  


    But in the present case, it seems like individual damage would be hard to argue, especially in states like California which geographically  had no culpability for alleged damage due to enslavement of ancestors.  Does just being disrespected or discriminated against by other citizens alone warrant standing for reparations to ostensibly be paid by the general taxed  public, who may or may not have ever mistreated anybody, before, during or after slavery?


    Can you clarify? 

    I realize that the legislative process in question here differs in procedures and standards to courtroom procedures, but the damage questions  seem at least structurally parallel to me. 

    Again, can you clarify?  

  14. 2 hours ago, Alpo said:

    Couple weeks ago I go to Sam's and buy bunches of stuff, including a box of tall kitchen garbage bags. When I get home I take all the food in the house but I leave the garbage bags in the truck.


    Today I go to Sam's again. Bought some sausage egg cheese croissants, some hot dogs and a package of hot dog buns. Go out and get in the truck, and the truck will not start. Turns over and over and over, but will not start.


    So I get out and I lock the door and I go around to the passenger side, and I reach in and bring out the box full of kitchen garbage bags. Open the box, get out a bag and put my croissants and my hot dogs in it. Fortunately I live close, so hopefully I will get home before my frozen food thaws out.


    As I'm picking up my loaded garbage bag I hear this woman call me. "Sir? Excuse me, sir? I see you having truck trouble. Do you need to go somewhere?"


    I point and say, "Yes, I live about a half a mile in that direction".


    She tells me that she can't do anything about my truck not working, but she will take me home. And I get in her car and give her directions and she drives me to my house, and as I'm getting out of her car she tells me, "I hope you have a better day".


    I tell her that it would be impossible for my day to get any better. I thank her and she drives away.


    Thinking back on that, that was awful damn foolish. I certainly hope neither my daughter nor either of my granddaughters ever does anything like that. I could have been an old crazy guy, with a gun in my pocket. Hell, I am an old crazy guy with a gun in my pocket.


    But she saved me a half mile walk in the heat, and my frozen stuff was still frozen. :)

    just be thankful and

    PAY IT FORWARD !!!!!


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  15. It will surely empty the rest of the productive people out of our state and leave it to the rest of the  'new money' folks to figure out.  Ironically, they'll end up having to tax themselves to pay for the generous gift they received.   And the votes the democrats bought will only result in laws that regulate them -- everyone else will be long gone.   What a sad requiem for such a beautiful and once-great state. 

    But watch out in all the other states.  Here we come!

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  16. Actually, in a Community Property State, you both jointly own ALL of your posessions, except any for which  you have made other legal arrangements to keep assets legally separated, such as through the ownership title of bank accounts, property deeds, vehicle pink slips, etc.  

    So absent those separate asset arrangements, if one of you dies, ALL of the jointly owned assets are already considered to be the property of the surviving spouse, with no involvement by the State, such as having to be "inherited" or "distributed" via probate and therefore also taxed.  

  17. The walkouts can only go only so far before nobody is there.  Then they'll have to stage sit-ins to make their idiotic political statements.  


    Sadly, few kids would care about these issues, if not for the indoctrination they're daily receiving.  

  18. The neighbors up within a few miles of my timber ranch were seriously snowed in and without power for six days.  Some had horses and cattle standing out in 9 feet of snow, without access to food.  They had stove wood, but most could not dig out the shelters where it was kept.  Without electricity,  water pumps and propane furnaces were useless.   The neighbors all have free access to my Bobcat track loaders and other equipment, but they had no way to dig the machinery out or find implements under the snow. 


    Yesterday, they pooled resources and hired a local logger to clear the 1.5-mile gravel access road and their individual driveways, and open livestock escape access with a D7 and two big front-end loaders.  All 16 families then evacuated, driving out on the heels of the dozer in their 4wd vehicles, pulling livestock trailers.   Everyone made it out OK, but it could be weeks before they can re-enter.   

    This was at the 5,000 foot elevation in the Sierras east of Fresno.

    I am concerned how many families may be silently in need of assistance, buried in deep snow at remote, higher elevation locations.  A friend lives full-time at Dinkey Creek (7,000' elev).  He texted me a photo of his two story log house with only the weather vein at the top above snow -- he estimated 28' snow depth!


    It is the heaviest Sierra snow I've ever seen in 73 years living here.  We can only pray that nobody is stranded and in trouble.  


    The San Joaquin Valley is also being hit hard by rain and occasional snow and hail flurries.   The culvert crossing we use to get access across Dry Creek to our Kings River Regulators cowboy range was overtopped and impassable until today.  The attached photo was taken yesterday morning. 






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  19. 22 hours ago, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

    The Sierra's here are over 200% of average snowfall. The really low lakes are filling up and the snow melt hasn't started yet!

    Greta is confused...........

    Gavin Nuisance is confused too.  He's still insisting we are in a drought.  It's a "drought" alright -- a logic and sensibility  drought.   But the media outlets still convince the gullible idiots to vote for these morons.  

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