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  1. Already did the Wolf latch springs i am hoping I got the burr cleaned out but may give it another go after buying a new jewelers round file I still would like to “peace of mind” of a locking pin.
  2. I’m afraid it would take more than gaming to beat Grazer But really just trying to make the damn thing stay put!
  3. OK - I found a burr that was preventing the lock pin from fully seating. Things seem better but I want no doubt. I guess I missed needing to mail the order form with a check - I thought it was electronic. The phone number is a recorded message and fax line that does not take messages. Snail mail it is.
  4. I get that I’m talking about not wanting to do gunsmith work on the frame - a little crocus cloth on the pin I could live with.
  5. Thanks Power pins are great but they are oversized and require work to install. i am looking for something “drop in” as these are brand new.
  6. I want to get a pair of Belt Mountain base pins for my Ruger Vaqueros but they don’t list a phone number. I contacted them through their website and got a question answered but then no follow up. I used the order form but no way to pay and no response to the order or another email. Does anyone know a place to buy them (Midway lists themas discontinued)? Thanks
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