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  1. Thank you, Jack i will try that i am looking to replace the grips on my Evil Roy’s with something a little more personalized I love the aged oak they use but dislike medallions
  2. eBay was asking for lots of info Since I do not use eBay at all I was hoping not to have to provide them this
  3. Does anyone know how to contact Arizona Custom Grips other than through eBay? They seem to be reasonably priced, have good reviews, but I am looking for something slightly more “customized” than their posted offerings. They show some nice aged oak grips and some one-piece that will fit my pistols, but I prefer no medallions and was hoping they could do some custom engraving when checkering the grips. Thanks
  4. I gave not talked to Gene but Cimarron recommended Classic Single Action tTgey look amazing but a bit too pricey for what I have in mind.
  5. Thanks folks, keep ‘em coming Altamont doesn’t make them, but thanks. I will look at Texas Grips. Classic stuff looks great but probably too costly to then add custom engraving (I know he does it but Taz already has done what I want on other stuff I own. M.G.
  6. Thanks - I didn’t see anything but “ivory”, “antler”, or “bone”. I am really looking for a dark wood so I can have Klassic Lazer do some custom engraving. MG
  7. I am looking for recommendations as to where I might find custom replacement grips for my Evil Roy pistols. Hoping to find something similar to ebony (nothing pearl) that won’t break the bank. Thanks in advance Monsieur Gunner
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