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  1. ouch----I think you exceeded my reloading knowledge. My friend is a Korean ware vet who just restored this weapon and I have only been reloading a couple of years. This looks to be a little complicated.
  2. I just received a call from an acquaintance of mine regarding reloading 43 Egyptian rounds. Ammo is available but he cant get it shipped in so reloading is the only legal option. He heard it can be done both 45 ACP or 45LC dies. I have both of those and a single stage press I could do this on if I can figure out how to do it and if 45 cal dies will work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Blackface Charlie
  3. So the million dollar question is—-does the volume really matter or does it only matter if you use reclaimed shot when you are talking CAS shooting?? Now—-one would have to keep the emotion out as there are the anal OCD types who’s rounds need to be perfect and I get that! But really, for our application does it matter? And—thanks everyone as I am learning from the replies
  4. Lots of good info!!! Here’s what I have heard both hear and at the range. Not especially cost effective however Ammo is expensive in California so probably lean towards cost effectiveness—maybe. Yes—I like to reload, actually an over achiever in that area so adding to my OCD is not a problem. Given I am only going to shoot 1-2 matches a month I won’t be using much so maybe a used 650 would be more than I need. I like the thought of being in control and making my own and how I want them. No sense in wasting lead and powder and trashing the shoulder!! So—-guess I’m in the market for a 650. Could get by with less but I don’t care for single stages. Use one when I have to but don’t like handling one round that many times. Might be different if I were retired. Thanks everyone for the info. Much appreciated
  5. I'd be interested if you have the GN. Let me know. Might take me 20 years to break even but thinking I'm heading in this direction
  6. OK---what's the dif between the 9000 and the 9000GN? Am I gonna be butt hurt in 3 months because I didn't 't go with the GN?? This is like day two in researching 12 gauge presses.
  7. same thoughts cowboy small! thanks
  8. Well Marshall----I'm new and have only shot one match. Second one will be this Saturday. Wild Bunch and traditional. I have absolutely no idea how many rounds I will shoot this year. I do know that match days in all calibers will be about a 1/4 of what I normally shoot on any given weekend day at the range. But Shotgun, I have no idea. I tend to be an overachiever in the reloading arena and the komunist republik of kalifornia is making ammo purchases hard so it could be a few thousand a year.
  9. Have a screw in my shoulder as well so good tip on the adjustable powder bar---thanks!!
  10. By the way---love the riffle!!! My best purchase so far!!
  11. 1----is it cost effective to reload 12 gauge? 2---if I go this route---where can I find reclaimed cleaned shot in Nor Cal? 3---I see a lot of used MEC's out there---all their lower end models. Is it worth jumping right into the 9000GN. I mean---buy it once buy it for life. Thoughts?? Anyone have a 9000GN for sale??
  12. It's the 21st century----everyone is a winner and everyone gets a trophy!!
  13. Just be careful who you buy from. If you find something on the forum from another state, try and get someone you know to go check them out first or at a minimum a video of the weapon functioning at speed. I am new as well and have only shot one match so far. I had a couple of great out of state deals but got taken to the cleaners on the other one!! The seller and gunsmith involved wouldn't make it right. Now I have it with another gunsmith who is trying to salvage it but had to buy another one in order to go to matches. Buyer beware!!
  14. vacuum cleaners = static electricity. let your conscious be your guide
  15. its AA but not the light loads. bought what was available at the time. You saying that with the light loads the gun will open easier?
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