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  1. I have both the CZ Hammer Classic and the TTN 1878 clone.

     The CZ sure is nice, but the TTN is the superior cowboy action gun for a number of reasons, the main one being hammer height and short distance between them. They can easily be cocked with one thumb while the CZ hammers are spread such that I have to wipe them back with the same hand I load it with.

     Your results may vary, but I’m confident most folks will agree on this one.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Roscoe Regulator said:

    x 1000
    I figure about 500 bucks for 5000 (5 bricks) + HAZMAT+ shipping. That would be 10 cents a primer. Dang! This is 50 dollars a brick higher than I paid in the past. I would avoid paying HAZMAT for less than 5000 primers.

    Yep, you’re right.

    Im certain however, that I’m not the only one happy to see them available again, and with more than a 1-2 brick limit.

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