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  1. 5 hours ago, Wand3ring_Lon3r said:

    Would really like a set with a left hand strong side and a left hand cross draw for 1871-72 Uberti open top navies in 45 Colt with 5 1/2 inch barrels. If you are interested in making them or will pass on the makers info. Thanks 

    As noted above, those fine holsters were crafted by Gene Brown at Old Pueblo Leather.

    Old Pueblo Leather is in Tucson, Arizona and is searchable on the internet.

  2. On 5/1/2022 at 12:38 PM, Tall Tale Todd said:

    Why no to California? We like freedom too and single action revolvers are not subject to the fascism that is the "safe handgun roster."


    It's a beautiful gun.

    I agree. What I have found is most of the potential buyers in Calif  live in areas where most of the FFLs have the most egregious rules and many FFLs in other parts of the country simply refuse to have anything to do with them. I count myself lucky to have an FFL up here in the far northern part of the state who is easy to work with and has handled transactions for me from all over the country, many from private parties who shipped directly to my FFL, all without hassle. Still, I’ve given up even considering buying anything from anyone who starts out with “no sales to…”. It is a sad state of affairs but a sign of the times we live in. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Sacramento Johnson #6873 said:

    Hi all!

     Up for sale are my last and BEST pair of black slim jim holsters, right and left hand strong draw, hand made by Old Pueblo Leather/Gene Brown; a true artist with Leather!  These were made for my 8 inch long Uberti Remington '58s in 44 caliber, but my guy was also able to use them for his 1860 Armies as well and they also will fit  Peacemaker/'73 colt/clones with 7 1/2 inch barrels as well.  These were exquisitely made with a flat loop, which holds the holster and gun close and tight to the belt; no flopping around like loop over slim jims!  Slight scuff on the bottom of the left one, otherwise in Beautiful condition! Lovely Border tooling with a single rossette, open toe and all stitching strong and intact! 

    $146 shipped priority mail with tracking!  USPS MO or personal check ok!  Not interested in any trades.





    I’ll second that about Gene Brown @ Old Pueblo. Back in the mid nineties he built me a rig with a cross draw holster and matching knife sheath. Later he built me two more holsters for different guns but matching the original rig. Collected more of his work since then and would have bought these here as well if I’d seen them before Bad Bascomb !

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  4. It’s always good to buy from pards here on the wire when possible. But sometimes it’s necessary to go outside. I posted here I was looking for a set of Bond barrels in .327 Federal as I couldn’t get them from Bond directly. The only response I got here on the wire was other pards saying they too wanted that caliber. I found the Bond barrels I was looking for on ebay. Just checked and saw listings for the .38/.357 barrels at prices on par with what the going rate at Bond and big outfit retailers are. Good luck in your search

  5. 3 minutes ago, Dallas McPewPew said:

    I used to shoot 32 H&R out of my .327 SP101 all the time before I found the .327 brass for it,  you should be able to do the same with that barrel. Just not the other way. 

    Yes, that’s one of the great things about that caliber. I reload and have lots of brass in .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long & .32 H&R as well as revolvers in each of those. The primary reason for the H&R chambering was to reduce “bullet jump” in the longer chamber but since it is not really a target gun that falls almost into the “being too particular” category. Besides, now I have an excuse to step up to the .327 Fed !

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