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  1. Good guy report for Dakota Dode! Great pair of boots! Though the PM system sure made things difficult! Thanks pard!
  2. Nice! Congrats and great video. I have a Cimarron Black Powder frame in .44 spl. Love it.
  3. Agree with the sentiments above. In any event, the "fix" seems to be painless and on Colt's dime. Reported turnaround time by those who've had theirs repaired was ten days round trip.
  4. Nice snag. I really like the looks of that revolver and have wanted a .38-40 since repairing my buddy's Colt SAA.
  5. True, not hard to do, but I'd rebarrel anyway, especially if the original were round.
  6. Don't think the OP specified Octagon. In any event, I would definitely rebarrel rather than line were I to convert one.
  7. I got one of these in .45 Colt and let me tell you, it is a fine rifle! Wish I needed another .357!
  8. From another of Dutch Al's posts: Please note: For some reason, I am having difficulty sending e-mails/PMs back to folks on the wire. Until this is fixed, please contact me directly at KUYLAARS@MSN.COM. Please use a subject line like “GUN FOR SALE”. Thanks
  9. I like these Eagle gunfighter grips: Not the most precise fit to the grip frame but they fit my hand well.
  10. I have two Thumlers tumblers setup for SS Pin cleaning. Love the way the primer pockets get cleaned with no additional steps. Got the last one for $10 used and bought a high speed replacement motor for just under $100 and that thing is amazing. Just a word of caution, be careful if you use Nickel plated brass as the pins will wear the nickel off if left in too long, ask me how I know. I used to like to used Nickel for my BP loads.
  11. My pleasure. Makes me wish I'd have kept all those mounted longhorn horns I had as a kid.
  12. Yup, my take is one revolver, two cylinders. If it was closer, I'd have spoken up for it.
  13. reposting the list: List of Western collectibles: #1 Original military McClellen cavalry saddle barely used with original horsehair cinch $1000 #2 Original military McClellen cavalry saddle barely used with old Whipcord? Cinch $1000 #3 Old Crow Indian handmade saddle $1500 #4 Old ladies side saddle-good condition $500 #5 Kids saddle-good $150 #6 Original side saddle completely rebuilt and recovered by local saddle maker-hand carved leather $1500 #7 Mexican saddle-never ridden $500 #8 Used western saddle with rawhide covered fork $300 #9 Old A-fork saddle, I think the cantle is broken with old saddle blanket $200 #10 2- local Antelope head mounts $100 each #11 3- local Mule Deer horn mounts $50 each #12 Black Bear skull $25 #13 Feral Texas- Pig skull $25 #14 Trail model snow- shoes, good $100 #15 Black Bear rug, good $300 #16 Buggy wheel. 36” good, 100 #17 Old Montana saddle $50 #18 US Army work team bridles (2) $150 each #19 Old saddle bags, good, $100 #20 Longhorn horns on plaque, 7’, $500 #21 Old set of Longhorn horns, curved, $500 #21 Longhorn skull with horns, $500 #22 Saddle scabbard , carbine, $100 #23 Well used, (by me a long time ago) shotgun chaps, small, $100 #24 Large mounted Mountain Goat rug, old, good,7” horns, $300
  14. Yes, but you reamed 44 special cylinders. Remember that the .44 special is .125" shorter than the .44 Mag. So, your new chamber would still have a tighter case mouth than if you'd have reamed a .44 mag cylinder. So, in your case, you have a cylinder that is to spec for at least that .125" while the remaining original case neck behind that is over sized. While it works for you, I'd not recommend it on a .44 Mag cylinder.
  15. While the rim diameter is a valid concern, one I cannot verify without a revolver at hand to measure, I will say that the .44 Mag case mouth measures .456" and the chamber is spec'd at .458" while the .44-40 case mount is a mere .443". So, even if you cut the chamber for .430" bullets, you still have a pretty loose chamber at the neck area. I too would recommend starting with a .357" cylinder. Now that I just ordered an 1873 in .44-40 I may have to pick up a story cylinder for one of my blackhawks.
  16. Interestingly, I just completed, well near completed, a similar conversion on a Ruger Single six. I chopped a new take off 10/22 barrel and fitted it to the Single Six. I'd bought the revolver for my son with a 5.5" barrel but after shooting my 9.5" SS, he decided he liked the "long" barrel better. So, I converted his. I ended up with a 10 5/8" barrel. I'm just waiting for a new Ejector Rod housing, the old one had a lot of wear. Fitting the 1860 grip frame is pretty easy to do. It's the barrel that requires access to a lathe. Even if you were to find a barrel with eth proper threads, it is unlikely to screw on a index properly or have the proper cylinder gap. Not a huge issue to make an octagon barrel if that's what you want. Best thing to do, if you attempt to do some or most of it yourself especially if you are searching for a barrel, is to determine exactly what threads are on yours. I bought a pair of Vaqueros recently only to discover that one of them had a bulged barrel. So, I shopped around and was able to find two take off 4 5/8" barrels and went about replacing them: The finished pair are in the center:
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