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  1. Good guy report for Dakota Dode! Great pair of boots! Though the PM system sure made things difficult! Thanks pard!
  2. Nice! Congrats and great video. I have a Cimarron Black Powder frame in .44 spl. Love it.
  3. Agree with the sentiments above. In any event, the "fix" seems to be painless and on Colt's dime. Reported turnaround time by those who've had theirs repaired was ten days round trip.
  4. Nice snag. I really like the looks of that revolver and have wanted a .38-40 since repairing my buddy's Colt SAA.
  5. Don't think the OP specified Octagon. In any event, I would definitely rebarrel rather than line were I to convert one.
  6. I got one of these in .45 Colt and let me tell you, it is a fine rifle! Wish I needed another .357!
  7. From another of Dutch Al's posts: Please note: For some reason, I am having difficulty sending e-mails/PMs back to folks on the wire. Until this is fixed, please contact me directly at KUYLAARS@MSN.COM. Please use a subject line like “GUN FOR SALE”. Thanks
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