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  1. I'll be following this. I'm having the same problem with new .38 special Starline cases and the Lee dies. I did not have the issue with the same dies when processing new. 357 Sig brass. I've taken the dies apart and cleaned the belling tip but they are still sticking hard. Like Grizz, no drag Mark's on the inside of the case mouth. I have not tried lube.
  2. My 2002 Fatboy that identifies as a Heritage. I don't get to ride as much as I used to, but I can't bring myself to sell it.
  3. Haha, I'd say the odds were tipped a bit in my favor on that one!
  4. Congratulations to the Vaqueros for the wins! I had a blast, was on a great posse, met a bunch of nice folks, learned a lot and just had an overall great time. Another big thanks to Copperhead Joe, Whiskey Creek and all the folks at Ponderosa Pines for putting on a fun shoot. Beautiful range.
  5. Getting excited! I hope the weather cooperates. The forecast does not look great but I'm ignoring it for now (while prepping to stay dry).
  6. New guy question, but can anyone attend the RO class? If so, do we need to sign up somewhere?
  7. I started late last year with a Ruger blackhawk flattop in .45 colt and a Uberti cattleman birdshead in .357. I bought a hat for my first match, had boots and a make shift leather rig. Another new shooter at my first match let me share his Uberti 1873 in .45 colt and his stoeger double. I brought plenty of .38 and .45 ammo. I was ahead of him in the shooting order and he had never even fired his new stoeger sxs! I felt bad for breaking it in first, but he said go ahead. It was also my first time firing a sxs shotgun. I had only fired a pump or single shot. I had owned/was familiar with lever action rifles and SAAs. I had wanted to try CAS for 20 years and after finally shooting a match, I was immediately hooked. I now have 2 sets of main match pistols in .357, a Uberti 1873 short rifle in .357, a stoeger double trigger coach gun. I'm pretty set up now, minus a gun cart and a quality, built-for-CAS leather rig.
  8. I've been looking at the Black Gold match. I'm hoping I can fit it in. Looks like a lot of fun! I had to miss the Iron Cowboy shoot at Rockcastle last weekend. Work has been my biggest issue the last 6 months. I only have 4 monthlies under my belt, so I hope my posse is patient!
  9. My hotel is booked and application is in the mail. I was hoping to get a monthly in before the match but work and weather has not been cooperative. I guess this will be my first match of the year and my first big match period!
  10. Does anyone know if the match is full? I'm late getting my stuff sent in. Work always gets in the way of fun. Hope there are some shooter's spots still available!
  11. I was hoping Sunday would be my first match of the year. Finally have the time away from work to enjoy a club much closer to me, however the forecast is calling for 90% chance of thunder storms. It's always something. I want to make the switch to double duelist (and eventually gunfighter if I can figure out the shoot sequences) so I'm excited to get started! I haven't shot since November.
  12. I have seen some genuine old west photos that show pants rolled up when not tucked into their boots. I know what you mean! I should say, I finally have an outfit! Haha I've already been shopping for another outfit. Can't shoot the state match with just one set of clothes, huh? At least that's what I'm telling the wife!
  13. I am not the pard you want to see in a loin cloth! I appreciate the responses! I guess I'm going to have them altered. I don't have tall boots, so it's either roll them up or have them altered professionally I suppose.
  14. Howdy folks! I started shooting CAS late last summer and have been having a blast! I only have 4 (monthly) matches under my belt, but I look forward to shooting a lot more this year. I've been lurking here for about 6 months or so and have learned a ton about the game, so thanks to all that share their knowledge! I recently (finally) got all my cowboy clothes and have a question about the pants. Particularly about pants leg length. So far I've noticed that most old west pants come standard 36" inseam. For those of us who wear a 30 or 32 inch inseam, how did you shorten your pants legs? Do you just stuff them in your boots? Did you have them altered? Double sided tape home hem? Just roll them up and shoot? I'm just curious what everyone else does to make their pants fit. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
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