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  1. I think there are definitely ways to get more people interested. I've talked to, and read comments by, folks who just think it takes too much money to get into. I fell into that trap. I learned about CAS about the year 2000 and instantly wanted to try it out. However, after thinking that I had to spend mucho money to get involved, I put it off. Now, no doubt you can sink a lot of money into any hobby, but had I realized I could have "borrowed" other people's gear just to try it out (which I actually did at my first match) and that I didn't need a $200 costume in order to play, I probably would have joined much sooner. I'd even venture to say that there are folks who already have the guns to participate, but for whatever reason they're still putting it off.
  2. Welcome! I have a Taylor tuned Smokewagon and love it! Best of luck!
  3. That explains a lot, especially for the guys that have been around since the beginning. Are the numbers at least encouraging or would you still consider the sport in a decline?
  4. I didn't want to highjack the other thread about membership dues, so I started a new one. I often get the sense that this sport is somewhat dying by reading some of the threads here. Obviously some of our more veteran members are getting to the point of not being able to compete any longer for whatever reason and so that takes away from the number of active shooters participating regularly. I joined SASS last September, so I'm hitting my 1 year mark. My badge number is 107789. The other day on social media I saw someone post about getting their new SASS membership and their badge number was 1091XX (dont remember exactly and not trying to call anyone out). That's a bit over 1300 new badge numbers in a year (assuming they're issued concurrently). At a bit over 100 new members per month, that seems like pretty good growth. Maybe it was growing faster in the past? I still see the sport billed as "the fastest growing shooting sport". Am I missing something? Are annuals, state matches, regionals, etc., shrinking in numbers each year? Maybe we're on an upswing? What do you fine folk think?
  5. There's a club in Wilmore KY at the Bluegrass Sportsman's League. It's close to Lexington. They have a lot of shooting sports, but I shoot cowboy there when I have the chance. The SASS club is the Foxbend Peacemakers.
  6. I've been looking at Ford's Customs in FL to refinish a non SASS gun. Prices look reasonable and the photos on the web site look good. I have no experience with them though.
  7. I have petitioned Henry on social media to consider making a single-shot in .38-55. I think that would be neat. They already make the new side loaders in that caliber.
  8. I'll be following this because I'm interested too. I really wanted to get the 45-70 with the blued receiver (because the brass receiver has no butt pad!) for side matches, but have been hesitant until I see some honest reviews.
  9. That's exactly what I was thinking. So smooth in transitions it almost seemed like he was going slow. Great job!
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