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  1. 42 minutes ago, Coyote Cap, SASS Life #14184 said:

    Good evening to the wire - - - I don't often post, but when I do, I have a good reason !


    Anyone needing replacement parts for the Winchester, 1887 and 1901, the IAC M-87w-20 and even the cheap, CAI (PW-87), need only to google www.ahlmans.com and be pleasantly surprised at the huge size and gun service capabilities of this gunshop. The shop was started in 1943 and just celebrated it's 75th year in business. The shop has (42) full and part-time employees including (13) full time gunsmiths (one of which has worked for Ahlmans Inc. right out of high school (55) years ago.


    There is a huge parts department with four employees and a super-fast turn around for whatever you need (parts or repairs).  Warranty repair parts for just about every gun manufacturer. Crazy stuff you just can't find anyplace else, the odds are that Ahlmans will have the part, (or they will make it, because they can and they have) !


    This includes Cowboy Action guns, and a trained gunsmith (with all the parts) for those cowboy guns - - - I should know, I trained him and gave him a huge inventory.


    The address is  - - - (also the home of the SASS Midwest Regional Championships - - - sign up for the match, you won't regret it)

    Ahlmans Inc.

    Cowboy Action Dept,

    9525 - 230th St. W.

    Morristown, Minn. 55052


    PS:::  the reason for this posting is the last few years have been tough going for me and I needed to retire. My heart and lungs are the problem from my service on Ranch Hand defoliate (agent orange) aircraft at Da Nang, Viet-Nam.  My retirement is mandatory to a dryer and warmer climate.


    Respectfully submitted,

    Coyote Cap

    SASS Life 14184

    Sorry to hear about your illness. I am going to see a very good friend of mine who is dying of Parkinson's as a result of Agent Orange contact. He is a 25 year Marine and tough as they come by some of these diseases don't give a damn about toughness. Thank you for your time "in country."

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