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  1. Hornady Pacific Durachrome 7.65 Belgian Mauser 2 die full length dies, last used by me 1 time in 1972.  No scoring.  No rust on the dies (there is a little on the blued locking ring).  Needs a decapping pin, about .070". Shipped free to a SASS Member's good home.


    City Dude



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  2. 7 minutes ago, Capt'n Rudy said:

    apt’n Rudy offers a Bianchi RH Ankle Holster for a small frame snub-nose revolver.  No model listed. Shown with a 32SWL 2” barrel, which is of course not included.  I have never used the holster, other than trying it on, and don’t even remember where it came from. I prefer to carry a CZ Rami 9mm inside the belt. Feel free to ask a question via PM. $10 shipping.

    I can use that!

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