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  1. High Spade, To clarify even further, we do not mean 50% membership out of your entire home range. If you have 10 members within your SASS Affiliated club (that shoot your monthly matches etc.) and all 10 are SASS members, then you have 100% membership. Please feel free to give me a call here at the SASS office; 505-843-1320, to discuss this further or email me at ruby@sassnet.com. Best Regards, Ruby Ruthless #105922 SASS Club Administrator
  2. Hello Everyone, I’m here to clarify some of the topics brought up in this post. It is a fair assumption that, if a club is not listed on the website or in the Cowboy Chronicle, that club has not renewed their SASS affiliation. Renewing a club’s affiliation is simple- you can find the form here: https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/CLUB AFFILIATION-App-2pgs-2020.pdf There is an annual fee for club affiliation- of a flat $50. When the club affiliation program was re-vamped some years ago, I understand that the first year the affiliation fee was set on a sliding scale- a nightmare to track! So, after that first year, it was decided to go to a flat $50/year rate for affiliation. In order to qualify for SASS affiliation, the club is required to “Maintain no less than 50 % of its total membership in SASS®. (As stated in the Club affiliation application)" This requirement does not apply to match attendees- only to dues paying club members. In terms of verification- we trust our clubs and their representatives to be truthful and honest; the Cowboy Way. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly via email at ruby@sassnet.com. Sincerely, Ruby Ruthless #105922 SASS Club Administrator
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