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  1. WW,

    I load 4.o grains of Clay Dot under a 160 grain powder coated bullet,using cut down .45 Colt cases.

    I did buy 45 Special cases,but they are pretty hard to get right now.I find no difference when using cut down 45 Colt cases,and I have plenty of brass to shorten.

    Of course,YMMV.


  2. I use a 2 inch chop saw.Made a jig from 1/2 inch aluminum channel.

    Cut a groove to hold the rim of the brass,and set the groove at .910 or so away from the sawblade,and locked it down with the saw's table vice.

    Make sure the belt and pullies remain tight, or it will grab the brass and throw it across the room.

    Yeah,ask me how I know.

    Of course ,



  3. Slapshot,

    Welcome to the sport!

    I believe your impression of the people involved in CAS is spot on .

    Since I've been involved in Cowboy Action Shooting,I've met some of the kindest,generous, and just generally nicest people around.

    I think you will come to learn what the concept of 

    "The Cowboy Way " is all about .

    Choctaw Jack 

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  4. Up for sale,my Stoeger Uplander Coach Supreme.

    20 inch blued barrels with chokes, stainless receiver, reversed double triggers, and leather butt cover.20210929_113501.thumb.jpg.35724a2a5f4e1bae6abd8349950e66d8.jpg

    Action job by Long Hunter  when new, triggers reversed by Griner Gun Works.

    In very good conditon,opens and shucks great.

    Comes with the original paperwork, manual, choke tube wrench and three chokes, and a copy of the original invoice. $525 plus shipping.

    First "I'll take it" here on the Wire gets it.







  5. Bought t of them for the grandson. Nothing fancy,you get what you pay for.

    They shoot well,seem to be pretty durable.

    I thinned the grips and re-contoured them to fit smaller hands,and they feel and point better.

    For the money they do a good job.

    Don't think they would ever be "race guns".

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  6. I take most of the usual precautions(mask,gloves,good ventilation,no food or drink,etc),and my BLLnever got above 6.5.when I switched to wet tumbling level fell to just over 3.

    The current thinking is that you are exposed to more lead through fired primer residue than you are from your lead pot.

    Of course , YMMV.

    Choctaw Jack 

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  7. 13 minutes ago, Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971 said:

    Yes, and they got the Mimbres River down to about 8-inches deep so when we forded the river there was no risk of being swept downstream.  Thanks also to the sponsors like Bang and Clang Bullets.  I stopped by their foundry and picked up bullets like others did.  Match participants made a big dent in their supply of cast, coated bullets.


    BTW, I love the running coyote target.

    Yeah,he had definitely been eating well!

  8. Just a shout out to Captain Clark,Hands, and all the Gila Rangers for a great State match.Beautiful location,great stages and well run all around.

    Congrats to Bud Guzzlin',overall winner ,for a hard won victory(1st and second place separated by .249 of a second)and all the category winners.

    Once again,Thanks to the Gila Rangers for a great shoot!

    Choctaw Jack

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  9. Went to buy tires for my trailer once .The tires I needed were bundled two to a bundle,with the price tag for a single unit attached to top tire .The affixed tag matched the shelf tag,so I knew what the actual price was.

    When the clerk scanned the tag and gave me the price I told him that was the price for one and the shelf tag confirmed it, I was told in the rudest way,

    " The computer doesn't  make mistakes !".

    I paid that price and left with a clear conscience.




  10. BB,

    I cast ,coat, and size my own bullets also.However,I don't cull by weight.If the fill out isn't complete or the base of the bullet doesn't have a sharp corner at the base,it goes back in the pot.A slight variation it weight shouldn't  make enough difference in accuracy at the distances we shoot ,so  weighing each bullet doesn't  appeal to me.

    I guess it depends on your definition of "slight".

    Of course,YMMV.


  11. BB,

    After all of that hard work I hope your procedure works for you.

    I found that annealing, 45 Colt cases keeps the cases, and my firearms ,much cleaner. This allows the cases to seal the chambers much better.This prevents most of the blowback , keeping the soot down.

    Of course,YMMV.


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  12. 1 hour ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

    What are "neck doughnuts?"


    When necking down brass you sometimes get a ring of excess brass around the base of the neck.It forms inside the case at the juncture of the neck and shoulder.Inside neck reaming usually cuts this "doughnut"away,allowing bullets tube seated properly. (Happy Jack beat me to it!)

    This condition can also raise pressures considerably, if you manage to seat a bullet.

    (Don't  ask me how I know).

    And yes,  annealing is a very good idea.

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  13. Buckshot,

    I inherited the entire series of Zane Grey's books from my father.These were Book of the Month Club issues from the mid 1940's.

    My Grandmother bought them for my Dad and his brothers, one at a time,on a waitress's salary. 

    Like yours,mine are pretty special to me.

    Choctaw Jack

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  14. After sizing you may need to reduce the thickness of the neck,either by turning the outside or reaming the inside.

    I form .257 Roberts from 30-06,and I prefer reaming the necks over turning them.

    Of course,YMMV.


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