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  1. I may consider a trade for my Spurs SKB beaver tail for a SKB splinter.  It is a very nice gun and I have $2100 in it.  It is now my backup as I prefer the splinter.

    It would be better if my back up was the same as my primary shotgun.20210708_223204.thumb.jpg.4e6ed14a7f5e4826c37ce8ee883df018.jpg

  2. I have been seeing primers for sale made by Zinc Point Primers.  My guns are very light and will generally only set off federal primers on a consistent basis.

    Anyone have any experience with these primers and how soft there are?

  3. Issue at a match yesterday.  Shotgun target trips a bird.  Shotgun target went down, no bird.  TO said shoot where it was which was correct.  Two schools of thought were present.  One, grant him the bonus,  the other was that he could keep his score, without the bonus, or be granted a reshoot.  What is correct?

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