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  1. 1 hour ago, Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001 said:

    I have failed to recover 1 , deer that I drew blood on , it still bothers me , to have wasted it 






    This is the only deer I have ever lost...and at only 25 yards!! I guess that is why this bothers me so much. I guess that is why I wanted to know so bad what I did wrong so I won't do it again. 

    I keep seeing small details that I keep adding to the video clip. It would appear that I did actually try to readjust as the deer moved. This is not just one mistake, but actually a few domino effect mistakes.

    Too little too soon followed by too much too late!



  2. edited for corrected data!

    This is the only deer I have ever lost...and at only 25 yards!! I guess that is why this bothers me so much. I guess that is why I wanted to know so bad what I did wrong so I won't do it again. 

    I keep seeing small details that I keep adding to the video clip. It would appear that I did actually try to readjust as the deer moved. This is not just one mistake, but actually a few domino effect mistakes.

    Too little too soon followed by too much too late!






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  3. 20 minutes ago, SHOOTIN FOX said:

    Always look downhill towards water and watch for a double back path. Usually in the direction of the wound.


    I am hoping he goes back down to the creek and expires there. I will be able to go back and check mid next week. I was hunting two bucks, an eight and a ten point, but this looks to be a third buck in the same area.

  4. 10 hours ago, Texas Jack Black said:

     Deer will head for water with that hit. I would have taken a right turn where you lost the blood trail and headed down not up. Blood loss will make them tired and very thirsty.


    Just my take .after 50 years of hunting  those critters.


    Best Wishes


    A right turn is up stream but I will certainly go look again. It is a real thick area on the far side of which I checked but no signs of activity...but I do plan on searching the creek banks and any other draws with running water again. If he was still alive the next morning, he may venture back down to the creek for water.

    However, after further reviewing the video in slow motion, the POI was high back and not so much a center gut shot as previously thought. This would explain the temporary paralysis in the hind quarters and why he may have passed the creek and continued uphill climbs.

    Definitely an experience never experienced in 35 years. Never hit one that bad either.

    Hit Placement Video Explained

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  5. EDIT: Here is the full tracking video


    Well I blundered. Just as I pulled the trigger, the buck took a step. Gut/liver shot! I didn't know what all had played out until I reviewed the video.

    Winchester 73',


    200gr cast 43-214A, Reloder 7 @ 1,350fps

    11-22-2022, 2:04pm

    Tuesday at 2:04pm.
    Unfortunately I think I made a gut/liver shot. He took a step just as I pulled the trigger and I didn't realize why it was such a sorry shot until I viewed the video. He scooted/walked off the "cliff" (steep slope) and scooted down to a felled tree below. I waited quite a while but I jumped him by accident and he ran another 30 yards into a thicket. I thought I could hear him cross the creek. I backed out and waited till 4:45 to continue the track. I lost the blood trail in the thicket where I last saw him. I didn't, or couldn't find blood crossing the trail or the creek. I did another quick pass in the thicket but found nothing then it got dark. I am afraid the coyotes will finish him off tonight. I am shocked and embarrassed!

    However, my plan did come together, my homework for a mountain buck hunt panned out but he was following his nose into the wind and came up from my back left. He was following the pine bench, walking the contour. It was a steady walk and about 10 feet from where I crossed to walk in. I was afraid he would smell my scent (could be why he stopped where he did) so I took the shot early.

    Literally about a 25 yard shot. The scope is zeroed in for 265 yards so a 25 yard POA would hit 5 inches high. If I can see correcting during a slow motion video, hit looked center mass but aft of where I wanted it.

    11-23-2022, Daybreak

    I followed up on the blood trail and followed it to less than 1 foot from the road. I did not find any blood on or across the road nor near the creek. I did find tracks that crossed the creek and leaf disturbance that moved out across the mouth of another drain and up a steep slope. While in the creek searching, a deer blew at me for sever minutes from the area of the trail. Once I got a good ways up the steep slope, I lost all trails and called it a defeat.

    I created a very long detailed tracking video but it did not turn out good at all. I made the videos to help me track but when I spliced them all together, the frame stutter is miserable.


    Full Shot Video


    Shot Placement Short Clip


    Full Tracking YouTube Video



    Search Pattern photo, Failed Recovery...no tracking dogs available. I am getting too old for this mountain terrain hunting!




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  6. I figured since we are talking "Cowboy Action Shooting" CAS, "long distance" would not be that far, maybe 200-300 yards if that. However, if we throw in Elk, Buffalo Hunting, etc...I guess long range could be about 700-1,000 yards. I wonder how many CAS ranges east of the Mississippi offer those distances?

  7. 52 minutes ago, German Jim said:

    I just ordered and received a couple of days ago .38-40 brass from Starline.


    Yeah, as long as the yellow light is on you can get in on the tail end. Once the light goes red, your screwed for who knows how long.

    Green is in stock
    Yellow is back-order (or maybe low stock)

    Red is not available 



  8. Yeap, a bit disappointed that folks are able to buy it, then resell it on ebay rather than using it, while those of us that can use it can't get it unless we pay double to those that can. I am also disappointed in starline for not emailing those on the list that they ran out of brass....just left us hanging.
    Nothing but Greed and I spit in the face of those that do it. Same with primers.

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  9. On 10/28/2022 at 8:31 AM, Pee Wee #15785 said:

    A lady at Star Line said all .44-40 brass has shipped.  Next run in about 18 months


    I finally got a reply,


    Said that new employees miscalculated and allowed more orders than what brass was available. This was for my Sept 5th backorder. They said I could cancel the order but I said no, keep it there for the next available backorder.

    So now it is just a sit and wait situation.

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  10. I have carried my Uberti SAA for nearly 12 years, and do so with 5 and hammer on empty chamber. My safety bar has been removed on all of my SAA.  All of the below photos are at least 8 years old. I have a few modern but have no idea where they are.

    My main carry is the Uberti 44-40 with my handloads, no factory JUNK! My secondary is the Uberti 357 magnum, both with rattlesnake inlay grips. However, when I know I will be in the slum areas of the earth, I carry an evil black semi-auto with two mags.








  11. It may be 18 months before the next backorder "yellow" is opened, but the backorder (44-40) for this last backorder batch has NOT been sent out yet...or at least mine has not been shipped. I was told my order was still in place a week ago and hopefully would be sipped soon. I ordered on Sept 5th while the order was still in the "yellow" as a backorder and the window closed, "red", less than 24 hours after I placed my order and has not been opened since... "green or yellow". Reports show that the previous backorders, prior to Sept 5th, was shipped and guys were getting their 44-40 orders in less than two weeks after they ordered.

    Sounds like I need to call and get a current confirmation.

    Green - available for purchase

    Yellow - available for backorder




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  12. 14 minutes ago, Griff said:


    You need a few thousand friends to all order a thousand, then they'll schedule production, and you'll receive your order in days! :P

    Not exactly

    Starline opened the window for backorders then closed the window when the order was full. If they still needed "a few thousand friends", they would not have closed the window.

  13. Hickory, NC
    Would like to make a face to face trade. I can meet at the North Carolina State Championship "The Great Carolina Gold Rush" if needed but prefer earlier.

    Looking to trade a box of my Winchester factory 44-40 CAS loads or a box of my 44-40 factory Super-X loads for a box of 38-40 hunting loads for my dad to use in his 38-40 that belonged to my grandfather. I do not currently load for this cartridge but may have to start pending how much he decides to shoot.




    My dad, he is 79. (2017 photo)


  14. It is actually nice to see these "long range" side matches. The term "Long Range" is subjective, with the true rifles that really reach out past 300 yards. However, 150 to 300 yards is "Long Range" with the typical old west Henry and Winchester lever action rifles.

    I have tried numerous times to get some postal matches for these rifles but no one seems to want to do them. Even I have a hard time now that components are hard to get and expensive.

    I did get some 30-30 dies, cases and bullets but have yet to even load any. So I just dropped the charts down to the 44-40's


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