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  1. They will expand back over time. I used to check and resize before boxing them up. Always had to resize several, so just have up doing it twice. Now we just do it when filling belt.
  2. Hey Amigo, how's it going. This came with Bessie's but she had one made with a loop rather than the holster tab. Let me know if this is what you need?
  3. My first full overhaul and one of my favorites. Was a .30-06 and now a .280 Ackley Imp
  4. Its a fantastic little round. Super accurate, very little recoil. Great factory ammo and reloading components available for it too. Great on paper, steel and critters.
  5. Just got email and Comancheria Days/ Tx State Championship is postponed. Reschedule date not yet determined.
  6. It's been a while but as I recall the "Competition" model has a lowered hammer and the individual chambers are numbered for reference. Can't remember much else that's different between them beyond that.
  7. Hi Red,


     If you would by chance consider $275 for the tequila rig my wife would take it. Thanks for your time.


    Brazos Bo

    1. Red Dooley, SASS #36389

      Red Dooley, SASS #36389

      Brazil Bo, I think I have it sold. Sorry. 

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