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  1. I have two of them and haven't had any desire to change. Takes me about 15 minutes to load a hundred rounds. I've loaded About 60,000 rounds on the one that's set up for small primer and about half that on the one set up for large primers. I broke a pawl on the one press by forcing it on a primer that I didn't seat fully. Even though I told them several times i forced it causing it to break, Hornady refused to let me pay for the part. Haven't had to deal with their Customer Service to any degree, but what I have was great. Just a tip, pull the shell plate once in a while to clean and lube under it per their instructions. If it gets finicky it probably has some crud under there.
  2. We should be doing what we can to promote growth in CAS. A Rimfire category should allow more participation from new and existing shooters as well. It might also reduce the number of shooters leaving the game due to ammunition availability.
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