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  1. 5.56 1:8 24 bull barrel Double Star upper
    Spike's Calico Jack lower
    Geiselle G2S trigger
    Magpul UBR stock
    Magpul MIAD grip
    Burris PEPR mount
    Vortex Viper 6.5-24x44 scope

    Parts retail $1775, asking $1400

    FFL to FFL for non-loacl folks. I'm in north Alabama
    Shipping included in the price.


  2. Browning Hi-Power
    Used, with 5 magazines


    C-96 Mauser in .30 Mauser
    Previously refinished so not a collector piece. It does function just fine. C-96 Mauser pistol circa 1937 with 500 rounds ammo.

    Shipping is included in the price.
    FFL to FFL for non-local folks. I'm in north Alabama.











  3. 1 hour ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    Nah, movement is great, I move better than I shoot.

    You missed my point. The only thing less fun that close targets for me is stand & deliver. Inside 7 yards for pistols and I start getting annoyed, inside 5 yards I absolutely detest. Not worth it to even show up for close targets.

    30 minutes ago, Branchwater Jack SASS #88854 said:

    We might have to cut back on the movement just a bit. I'm about even right now with some folks asking for oxygen at the unloading table, while the others are asking for nitrous oxide at the loading table.




    *Yes, I realize nitrous oxide has different effects in a car vice on a person. It's a joke son.

    Now that's funny. I'm gonna just lumber through it anyway.

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