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  1. Thanks for feedback. Just got spring out. Did so by putting a small wedge of wood under spring to kinda straighten it out (between spring and Carrier block and tapped it out from the hammer ears end. Came right out but suffered flesh wound when I tried pulling it out. The pin cutout on the hammer spring broke off. Oh well. New one on order. I don't understand it. Working on a hundred year old gun, what could possibly go wrong. 

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  2. Working on Win 97 12ga and have disassembled down to hammer spring. The spring is wedged in tight and will not budge, much less come out. I tried the oven at 400deg and no progress. Would appreciate suggestions.

    The gun is ser 707857 so 1921 vintage. I don’t think spring has ever been out. Also in evidence is tool marks which looks like mfg kinda hammered spring into place during original assembly. I think next step is cut it out and replace with new spring. Won’t do anything yet cause I know some smart people reside on this site. Thanks Jerry a.k.a. Fallon Kid  



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