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  1. I bought one about 2 years ago: however, a gun (49 colt) came with it. I think it was about 500 but I am still glowing with elation at the deal. Might suggest you WTB the whole deal and might get better response. Very few folks have just a conversion cyl to part with. Me being an exception. I have a 45acp for a Walker. Y/pard Jerry
  2. Have not seen copper anti-seize but guess what's on my list next time in town (Reno) Thanks. "Can't be timid when flipping eggs"
  3. I’m sure this has been covered 15 ways from Sunday but I feel important. This is about the front band and/or fore grip screws on Uberti 73 rifles. This message is specifically for an 1866 Yellow boy Uberti. I recently bought this 66 from a fellow pard on SASS. I’m happy with the gun. I shot about 60 BP 45s through it and started a 100% disassembly, both for cleaning and check for any surprises. The front band screw would not budge. Tried the liquid wrench, heat etc. I left it at my local gunsmith to see if he could get it out. I was anticipating the front band and screw would not survive so ordered a new band and hardened screw from VTI. Well just got gun back and to no surprise the front band and screw complete loss. The point of all this frontier gibberish is I would recommend any Uberti rifle you pick up to immediately check these screws to determine if they will release. If they do, might reinstall with a dab of anti seize. Why I recommend this is I have 4 other 73’s and 3 of the four had to have new screws as they took a hit being extracted. Recommend getting hardened screws which are about 2 bucks more. Also I think it prudent to know your gun can be disassembled and all parts removable before you have a problem and need to work on it and not a compound problem. Thanks
  4. Winchester Mod 64 Cal. 32 WS MFG Date: 1933 Gun in good shape. Barrel is bright and rifling is visible but not as pronounced as a NIB. Furniture is solid and no cracks. Has normal wear and tear for 90 year old. Action is slick and in my opinion smoother than my Marlin Cowboy limited. Everything original parts and nothing missing. Also included 200 NIB starline brass and RCBS Die set NIB. If you want them 6.5 pounds of cast bullets 12 BHN. I picked this up several years ago for reasons unknown to me this day. I have not ever fired this gun and does not really have any application for me in SASS shooting. I did a bit a research on this model and seems to be a collector item as it is a 32 WS. Seen offerings from 1500 to over 3k for this model. The brass is nonexistent and if you can find it for a buck each jump on it. I think 1500.00 is fair for everything. As far as shipping contact me and discuss. I shipped a gun several years ago and was embarrassed to ask a fellow SASS that kind of money and worked a shipping deal. I also stand by anything I have stated above and if I have been not up front you can return on your nickel and I will understand. Thanks.
  5. Kroil penetrating oil. Thanks I'm always open to suggestions from folks who know. I looked up and wow! Seems kinda expensive till I looked at my Liquid Wrench price. I stock up in bulk and my only question is "where have I been" LOL
  6. Thanks for reading. I was not implying Italian companies should not use metric standards. The point I was trying to express is that even metric have common available sizes, usually for small screws like this a .5 pitch or less common .75 pitch, but still available. Why would an automobile company put 1-19/53 inch lug nuts on their product other than to force you to buy their lug wrench?
  7. Just some info so you don’t have to get frustrated. I have several Uberti 1873’s and after shooting black powder yesterday I did a complete disassembly as I wanted to clean/inspect mag tube. I have had guns several years but never needed to disassemble magazine. In trying to remove the forend cap machine screws (#283) I found out they would not budge. After heat, liquid wrench and impact screw driver, I got them out but the screw slot was ugly to say the least. First problem was the screw size. My local hardware has a good selection of common gun screws and this appears to be a very common screw. (Now comes the ‘Thank You’ Uberti.) This screw is a metric 3.5-60. Why on God’s green earth would a designer choose such an off-the-wall size other than to soak owners of this gun down the line. This is not a load bearing screw or dynamic coupler interface. It is not even in sheer. It just attaches the end cap which holds the fore grip in place. Any functional reason given for such a unique screw size would only be industrial double-speak. Lesson Learned: If you get Uberti 1873 NIB, remove these two screws and coat threads with a lubricant that works for you. Anti-seize is my go to. I detected very slight corrosion on the threads and dovetail block they screw into. I’m sure this is due to several years of use shooting and exposing gun to weather. This is on me but I’m old, stupid and should have been put down a long time ago. I am not one bit critical of Uberti’s guns as I feel they are the best thing going out there. I spend the extra bucks on them vice buying other similar brands. I ran into this same screw problem with another Uberti product. I bought a Gibbs muzzle loader and the pre drilled sight base holes were 3.5 metric. I have other Uberti muzzle loaders and those are pretty standard 4mm. From a design standpoint sight base screws should be at least an 8-32 or equivalent. Somebody at Uberti is in love with 3.5mm and it ends up costing us bucks and downtime waiting on parts.
  8. Hey Y’all. I’m looking for a Uberti 1866 45 colt 20”carbine but open to anything available. Was thinking of using this as a black powder SASS gun. Plus I don’t have an 1866 and that is reason enough. I’m in Northern Nevada and still young enough to drive to a meet up in the Western Territory. Please keep in mind I’m old, confused and easily taken advantage of. There is nobody to tell me NO. I sold a kidney 2 years back to buy an Aydt Schuetzen* 22LR so down to cash on hand. And a bit serious, I have a Marlin Cowboy Limited 45 colt. Is a Marlin OK for black powder. I tend to shy away from Marlin as throwing that brass down range leads to brass going AWOL. Thanks. Please MSG me or PM for my phone number. Fallon Kid a.k.a Jerry *Came with period Unertl scope and original iron peep sights making this decision a ‘good choice’
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