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  1. Ok so I was just reading some shotgun stuff and the topic of brass or steel came up in regards to shotgun shells. I've been using rem premium 20g or the american clay and field and decided to do a magnet test because I'm always thinking to only use brass or the shells will stick in my side x side. So both work great and fly right out, but I found that only the premium are truly brass!!!! Soooo does anybody else use steel bases without issues? Field and Stream has discontinued my awesome deals so I'm searching again for the deal on " low brass" err colored steel fake brass.
  2. Has anyone used the cowboy action simplified scoring system by Tex Wayland?
  3. just to be clear on how this works so I could use my regular Android tablet download it with Aces to have all the names of the cowboy Shooters in our area and pull down from a drop-down list to check them in as they register, then before the shoot download the information to the three additional tablets or Kindles send them out to the range in their perspective posses complete the shoot at the end of the shoot they would all tabulate into one list winners to the top top shooters to the bottom shooters, that then I can email out and or post scores,am I thinking correctly about this?
  4. Well I can get these kindle things new for pretty cheap, the look of aces is cowboy easy esp for some of my limited tech cowboys. Is the practicscore formatted the same way? I'd really like to do this just 1 easy time
  5. Moog, thank you I was just in Target and can buy a new kindle 7" for $46 a piece so maybe I buy 3 if this works like the aces program. How do I get it started and now that I've read through the entire aces manual (for nothing I guess) what is my next step?
  6. Trying to access the aces web page but my phone nor computer will allow me to get to the page. I cant find the app on google apps either, anybody got any help for me? We want to use this system starting in March, and should we just buy 3 cheap kindles? Anyone have experience with a 7" or 8" kindle as far as being able to see it well? Much appreciated CRJ
  7. Sass alias: Circuit Rider Jeff Sass # 104296 Where are you from: PA How long have you been shooting: 4 yrs Elstonville Hombres
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