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  1. Almost the same event except it takes place the end of November or early December. Same sales, same ding and dent, same great people - no cowboy fast draw.
  2. I have a pair in 45 colt. They are fun to shoot. I normally shoot duelist, but because of the "adjustable" sites I shoot Senior.
  3. Sounds like the trip was worth it. Now you need to plan for the Holiday Open House.
  4. Lots of good people to spend some time talking - and buying.
  5. I like the pattern in the grip of the lower gun.
  6. You will be able to shoot all their guns. I shot two 45-70s last time.
  7. I live 5 hours away and have gone in 2018, 2017 and 2016. Expect good prices on their entire line with some good discounts on "ding and dents". The Cowboy fast draw group will be there with four shooting lanes. You will be able to try fast draw. There will also be a mobile shooting range. For $20 you will be able to shoot 5 guns. It is a good chance to shoot any of their guns that you might have an interest in. Last December I shot a couple of Sharps, 1886 Winchester, and a 1911. And there is a free lunch!
  8. Range Day Went to a local indoor range to function check the rifle. I set the rear sight to the lowest setting and loaded one 357 Magnum cartridge. Shot the rifle off-hand at a 25 yard target. Point of impact was about 1/2 inch left of point of aim. Loaded five rounds of 357 and fired them off-hand at the 25-yard target. Gun functioned smoothly and produced a nice 2-inch group. Loaded 10 rounds of 38 Special - 125 grain round nose flat point, 3.0 grains of Clays, Winchester Small Pistol Primer, LOA 1.45. Gun functioned through all ten shots. I could feel a little "hitch" when the round was feeding, but it did not slow or stop me from working the lever. Point of impact for the ten shots were a little lower that point of aim. Shot several other 10-shot groups and the rifle worked flawlessly. I am not a speed demon when it comes to working the rifle and was not shooting for speed. I plan to use this rifle as a back-up for my Uberti 1873. Probably break this gun out for those wet and rainy days.
  9. Major, Probably the same dealer. He did give a good discount for ca$h.
  10. Cannot go in the back yard today - kids birthday party next door. Can you imagine the police response? I have some 38 special snap caps. Loaded all 6 and worked through all six caps. Lever worked smoothly, though I could feel a little "hitch" when it went to feed. Time to clean it up for tomorrow. Of course now I have to find the snap caps.
  11. This is my first 92. Action is not as smooth as my 73, but a lot smoother than the new Marlins that I looked at today. The lever moves easily with no catches or hangs. Trigger has a "firm roll" which is how I like my triggers. Trigger breaks at 4.5 lbs.
  12. I plan to take it to the range tomorrow. Let you know how it shoots.
  13. Here is cell phone picture.
  14. I was just at a local gun show and saw a table with a stack of new, stainless Rossi 92s in 357 with 20-inch barrels. I gave some thought about picking one up while I walked around. When I got back to the table I ended up buying the last one - this was only an hour after the show started. It looks like they are back in production - and in demand,
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