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  1. I have a pair that I use with full power 45Colt loads. No problem after three years of shooting them.
  2. I keep the Midway site open in a browser. Was able to get CCI Large Pistol and Remington Large Pistol primers this week. Missed out on the CCI Small Pistol primers. By the time I buy one box and send alerts to friends, they are sold out. They are in stock for about 10 to 15 minutes. Got to be fast and do not hesitate. Going price on Midway is $75 to $79 a thousand. Shipping, Hazmat, and tax pushes to $100 to $110.
  3. WW231 and HP38 are my preferred powder for Cowboy loads.
  4. Thanks that is what I needed to hear. I can get a 4 lb can which should be more than enough to cover me during the drought. I will run out of primers before I empty 4 lbs.
  5. Has anyone used Vihtavuori N320 for their cowboy loads? I am running out of my favorites - WW231/HP38/Tite Group. I can get N320, but cannot find my favorites. I have a bunch of loading manuals with recommend loads, so I am just wondering if others have found the powder to be useful or useless for cowboy loads.
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