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  1. 5 hours ago, bgavin said:

    These cities burn because they are ALLOWED to burn.
    Think back to your youth... this behavior would have NEVER been tolerated.


    You said a mouth full there.


    Back in the day I got escorted out of my hometown for smashing pumpkins, 

    and out of someone else's town for fighting.


    I have a pretty good idea what might have happened if I was busting windows and burning down buildings.

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  2. I hardly watch television or movies but, 


    Outside of The Cowboys or The Shootist, I have no use for John Wayne movies....


    I'm not a fan of Tom Selleck or his movies especially Monte Walsh, and that includes the Quigley Down Under movie that everyone drools over.....


    And finally,


    I never had much use for Kevin Costner's shows until Yellowstone.


    You asked ! ;)




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  3. Never worn but tags are off. Men's XL, Max-5 camo pattern. Waterproof, windproof, soft and quiet. 3 zippered pockets, velcro on cuffs, toggles to snug up at waist. It has a little greener tint then the pictures show.

    I have a few of these already broke in and earning their keep so guess I really didn't need this one. 

    $50.00 to your door in lower 48.



  4. They are not top of the line but I've had good luck using Bushnell.


    I've been around other ones enough to know the actual range that they will cover is below the stated yardage.


    Just like a rating on house shingles, if you get 80 or 85% out of a 25 year shingle your doing good.


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