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  1. I have the Pocket Pro 2 and it will do everything you need except dry fire.



    I have the Pact 3 timer. I like the hold then release to start for the button. The other I see around the local clubs are he pocket pro 2. Both are great and have a ton of features.

    For short dry fire sessions where par times are needed, I just use my iPhone and the free shot timer app.


    Totes Magoats, I can't get any phone app to work for dry fire?? What app are you using I would love to have something that will work for dry fire.

  2. Yes, cowboy loads.


    I thought abou making them collapsible or with removable legs, but I just throw them in the back of the truck for the mile ride to the range.

    I made my target collapsible just bend the long bar with 2 90's and a T pipe fitting in the middle for a leg that leans back. The steel is only 1/4 inch very cheep but with the soft loads works great. I have AR500 for the other non SASS stuff.

  3. Hey fellers!


    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a newly retired Army Air Cavalry pilot and am just getting into CAS. Hope I can contribute and am looking forward to all this forum has to offer!


    Blackfoot Brad

    Hey Blackfoot, I retired about 11 years ago and it feels like yesterday. I am sure you will enjoy SASS as much as I.

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  4. I didn't have anyone get me started, just seen some videos and thought it would be fun so I started. I will say that Captain Bill Burt has been a big part of keeping me looking forward to every month. Gives great instruction and makes the match fun, very happy I got started in the sport.

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