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  1. For my new Wild Bunch gun!LOL Seriously, if anyone has one they're looking to get rid of or you know of one somewhere I'd appreciate a PM. Thanks.
  2. I have regular Super Blackhawk hammers I could trade if someone wants to go the route of @Mister Badly
  3. Just need a second set of reasonably priced dies for loading the 32 straight walled cartridges. Any that will work with all or some of these 32's would be fine: S&W, S&W Long, H&R Mag, 327. Please PM me. Thanks.
  4. May be known as other things, but I would like a couple for project. If anyone has some they've removed, please PM me, save me from calling Ruger. Blued or stainless, reasonably priced. Looks like a Super Blackhawk hammer in profile, but has the checkered panel instead, looks like this:
  5. You wrote a fine article on it as well, thank you! (that was a while ago.LOL)
  6. All three pointers? Shoot fast, don't suck, look your best doing it, or something like that? Hunt me up there and we'll play, show you all I know, shouldn't take but 3 or 4 minutes.
  7. Come to the Darkness Fall's and Dark Day on the Santa Fe shoots at the Fort White Cowboy Cavalry in Jan. and you'll see it belching the real stuff!!
  8. Definitely try again like TW said. Any issues I've ever had always took a long time and usually several messages sent through their generic contact. I never received any communication back either, just sooner or later the "problem" was magically fixed.
  9. Thanks Billy. Those were made to the same specs as my regular match loads and on the same type of machine, a Hornady 366. I use the same to this day.
  10. Thank you! Barring the creek rising, I'll be at Dark Day!
  11. Says you no can take PM's. Interested in the serial numbers for possibly matching up with some others....Let me know?
  12. Will you be getting any 87 parts to go with those 97 screws/parts?
  13. Taking some of the still available guns to the SE Regional, if interested, see me there or message to see if they're still available. Thanks.
  14. It's probably good that someone is filling this gap in the MEC process, but the ability to do this has been around for 40 years or more. Just one of the machines that produces this AS PART OF ITS NORMAL PROCESS, is the Hornady 366 progressive, I believe there are others that will produce similar results as delivered, but this is what I've used for the last 30 years. The first 2 pics are some of my crappy reloads for practice.(they look even better on once or twice fired hulls for matchs) It's entertaining to see the comments that pop up when someone rediscovers what's possible, or what was/is available from the factory. You'll notice the factory AA load in the 2nd 2 pics is identical for all practical purposes. It's a shame AA's quality has slipped so much, but STS's are still being made nicely.(insert much hand wringing about cost/availability) For all the hand wringing rules people, who, what and how would you measure any of it? Set actual dimensional go/no go? Check using calibrated calipers, or micrometers? Compressed plastic or touching lightly? Its a ridiculous notion. I've never seen a match director/RO bother to look at someones ammo(most/all of what we're discussing is hidden in the shotshell belt). What's next, ammo checks at major matches?! Ammo checks at the line? Seems like everyone is walking around with an orange sizer on the posse, just before they shoot these days, wish I'd a dreamt that one up. I'd be more concerned about what some people put IN the shells, than how they look. Back in the day of crappy knockdowns, a lot of us were experimenting with double loads of shot ahead of guessed at powder charges with cut down wads. There is only so much deformation of the plastic hull that the basic shape will retain, this new gizmo doesn't appear to do as much as is possible with other readily available methods, but if you have a MEC, and want to fool with it, it appears to make better looking and likely functioning ammo. Clearly it's not something that could be regulated.
  15. Last price on Hogdgons website was $77.99 for 2 pounds, they don't list a 5 pounder any longer. You'd pay hazmat and shipping on top of that...
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