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  1. I would love have those flags for our clubhouse.  We are the Jackson Hole Regulators in Jonesboro, LA. I am Irish ☘️ Pat, sass 19486 and I will be glad to pay the shipping.  Please contact me on the sass wire 

  2. I seem to remember shooters doing that at Texas Historical Shooting Society shoots near Columbus, Texas and it looked like a lot of fun. I tried "Wild Bunch" a couple of times and to me it was too much 45 auto shooting. Instead of ten rounds through the two pistols as a normal SASS match, I shot six or seven magazines of 45 auto at each stage! I was flinching and wore out after two stages. My 45 reloads were stout! not like my 105 grain 38 specials. I shot a match years ago with a top shooter shooting a Mauser broomhandle! He used it for the pistol stages and then attached the wooden buttstock holster and used it for the rifle stages. He was so kool!

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