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  1. The Comanche preferred to raid in the spring when there was plenty of grass for their horses. They were excellent quiet at night raids. I am reading the diary of Rachel Plummer who was kidnapped in the early 1800s on the Texas frontier. she wrote all the settlers on the frontier were exceptionally scared on full moon nights in the spring. The movie “The Searchers” folllws that storyline. ☘️ Pat

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  2. well I forgot my pants and misplaced an SKB which turned out I had left in Louisiana. RRR bought a new gun safe that  fit in the back of his truck. We had to go to Lowe and get a saw, blades and batteries to saw it open as the keys were in Baton Rouge.  TB slept outside 3 nights as the other guy sharing a bedroom had a bad cough and was very loud.  somebody left their pistols in the rent house and we had to get them before we could start that day. we had another buddy whose ammo he purchased at the match caused him 9 misses.  and another pal had some powder ignite from an old charge in a cap and ball pistol at the loading table when he was clearing the cylinder.  i ejected two live rounds from my rifle and  had to make them up.  I bought two pair of 357s and have now decided to shot 45s. We all had a fantastic time and great memories. and I found my pants !! Irish ☘️ Pat


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