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  1. Well I took my 1884 carbine to the US Post Office to ship it and told them since it was made before 1898 they could ship it for me.  Now they act like they don’t know what to do? Anyone know where it get the regulations to show them or am I wrong

  2. Yes, my first alias was “Buckshot” but every body call me “Buttshot”. Them I switched to “Cuba Libre” which is a Rum and coke. Everyone thought I was Spanish! I settled for “Irish Pat” as I was born on Saint Patrick’s Day. This alias has served me well. Irish ☘️ Pat, sass 19486

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  3. When PawPaw was running whiskey years ago he carried a S&W 32-20 loaded with factory jacketed ammo marked use only in rifles or Guns in good condition. I bet they were hotter loaded than 38 specials were! Those guys knew what they had

  4. I see they have 9 pages of guns on Guns  international for sale.  The pictures look suspicious and and they just came in 9-8-21. Kinda scared to order from them. Has anyone had dealings or thoughts on that site

  5. Zeb’s rifle has no finish left on the barrel with surface rust and the wood lacks any finish. I don’t think the collector value is not going to be very much. If it was mine I would at least do a little work so it would not be so good ugly!

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