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  1. I see the new Shooters Handbook is out. Is there anyplace I can go to see the changes from last SHB to this one?

    I could read from front to back, but I'd just like to know what the changes are.



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  2. 1 hour ago, Reverend Ledslinga said:

    Stage setup for the rifle (10 rounds) was 2 targets to the left of a 6 target dueling tree with 2 targets to right of the dueling tree. This is the rifle portion of the stage only, pistol targets were different and irrelevant to this post.  Stage instructions for the rifle were to engage each target once. Not a sweep! just 4 on the stationary and 6 on the tree.  The shooter hit the 2 targets to the left of the dueling tree and then engaged the tree from the bottom up, hit the bottom target once, hit the 2nd from bottom target twice, then hit the 3rd 4th & 5th targets, did not engage top dueling tree target swung across and then placed the last 2 rounds on the 2 stationary targets on the right.

    I am not certain but I think the call was a miss and a P.  I think perhaps it should have been 2 misses.  The double tap on the 2nd from bottom on the tree would have been a miss and not engaging the top target on the tree another miss.  Whats the Call?

    (Please feel free to reference the "MISS FLOW CHART" in our shooters handbook if you wish)


    Thanks folks


    Reverend L 

    Pard, the answer is in the flow chart. Were all targets hit with the proper ammunition? Yes. Asses no misses. Were all the targets hit in the proper order? No. Asses a Procedural.  See you next weekend.


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  3. Seconding the great match. TTB and JM rock.

    Enjoyed all 12 stages.

    Posse 6 Rocks. Thanks Echo Meadows for being PL.

    Let's do it again sometime, soon.

    Staying at the Livery was great. Lovely weather, and the sunsets were great.


  4. No on the first. The reason is not just for calling hits/misses, it's so the quantity of shots can be ascertained, and for the timer to pick up those shots.

    Question 2, the plate racks are 90 degrees to each other, which make them 45+- degrees from the shooter. There would be no problem.

    Some folk are thinking 90 degrees, each way, from the shooter, which is 180 degrees, and is not allowed. 

    I have shot at ranges with the two plate rack scenario at 90degrees from each other. Gunfighters love it.

  5. It's the National Championships.

    It shoots all three days.

    800+ shooters. 36 Posses.

    You shoot 4 stages each day.

    You rotate starting times, i.e. if you shoot at 0800 on Wednesday, you shoot 1500 Thursday, and 1100 Friday.

    So yes, you have to shoot all three days.

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    I think this is exactly the thinking that promotes inconsistency when making calls. By taking the course we level the playing field as much as we can. Does that mean there will never be wrong calls made? No we're all human and prone to mistakes. The RO committee and PWB do a great job in clarifying the rules but we will all make an occasional wrong call in the heat of the moment.


    My thinking if you can't pass a written test, you have no hope in consistently and correctly applying the rules in the heat of the moment. As Ace of Hearts points out that extends to all of the Range Officer duties including spotting and the load and unload tables. He also correctly points out it's a requirement at State and above matches. We do no favours by not following that at our monthly matches. I can't speak for other RO Instructors but I'm always only to happy to find time to run a RO1 or RO II course when asked. I bet I'm not the only instructor that feels that way.


    Having said that I don't see the 2 years as a hard and fast rule. If you read the newest RO manual and talk to your TG to keep up on any rule changes and clarifications you'll be fine until you can take a course. My experience is that the best RO's are not necessarily the most experienced but they have taken the courses more than once and make it a point to ask questions and discuss the rules on and off the firing line when they are unsure.



  7. Was in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England last September and October.

    Drove from Dublin to Galway with site trips to Newgrange, and Tullamore. Toured the Tullamore DEW distillery and stayed in a B&B there. Next day on to Galway and a B&B there with a couple of side trips to see castles.

    Tour train through Galway and some shopping. Drove to the little town of Cong, just north of Galway. It's where they filmed the Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Lovely place.

    Had a dinner at Dunguaire Castle just south of Galway. Great time that.

    Then drove to Waterford on the southeast coast. Toured the Waterford Crystal place, stayed at a B&B.

    Drove back to Dublin and hit the Guiness Brewery and the Jameson Distillery. All the time we were stopping at pubs for Irish Music Sessions and local flavor. Great time.

    Note - Nobody serves breakfast. No restaurants open before noonish. We're country people and get up early to see the sights, no food until lunch. Bring your own or you'll be hangry. Folks eat at home or, if your a tourist, at the B&B.

    Flew to Wales and stayed at a B&B in Cardiff for two nights. Drove to LLantrasant to see where the Black Army was founded in the 1600's. This is where the English(welsh) Long Bowman came from. The ones that won at Agincourt and Cercey.

    Then via train to Glasgow, rent a car and drove to Stirling and the Wallace Monument (yes, I climbed all the stairs). Drove to Inverness to see the Queen of Blings peoples castle in Cawdor. Then back down the north side of Loch Ness to see my peoples ruins (we backed the wrong king). Back to Glasgow then train back to Cardiff and the same B&B then drove to Windsor via Stonehenge. A day trip to London (too crowded for this old boy) and then home. In all 28 days.

    We'll do it again but stay in Ireland for more music and fun.

    We did our own planning, reservations, flights, cars, B&B's etc. Enjoyed the heck out of it.

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