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  1. I saw the message you left on my profile feed....I know Done Gone and shoot with him 2 times a month. Do you need to get ahold of him? His email address is donegone119@yahoo.com and his name is Todd Musgrave. If you are coming to GA to visit and will be here the first Saturday of the month that is when the River Bend Rough Riders shoot their monthly match. Monthly matches are held the 1st Saturday of every month at the River Bend Gun Club, 988 River Bend Gun Club Rd, Dawsonville, GA 30534....

    1. Jess Money

      Jess Money

      Thanks, Kajun! I can get in touch with him now with that information. By the way, be glad you're not in Ponchatoula these days. With as much rain as we've had and are having, the the strawberries hav taken a major hit this year. More rain is on the way and our water table is alread a foot over the annual amount we normally receive each year. The range in Amite almost got washed away last month but we're back up and running again with a lot of help from the members.

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