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  1. "...What if a shooter with an actual needed accomodation (not a faker, game player or liar) beats you (or just places well within their category)?

    AND the accomodation "could" be looked at as a competitive advantage?

    Would you judge their placement or performance differently?...."


    NO , and NO , i would be happy for their success , its not just winning to me , i want everyone to participate , enjoy and succeed if possible , 

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  2. no , im not going out in this era of lawlessness unless needed and it was not needed , the crime rate here is hitting all time high according to my police and sheriff friends , car thefts , car jackings [im going to shoot the car jacker that tries] along with assaults and store  thefts [that one might also end in a confrontation i dont want to be involved with] much of it resulting in the defund/abolish the police , 


    i recall when the CCW became "shall issue" here and the retoric was lawless 'old west' expectations - that never happened , but this liberal/socialist move is causing the 'old west crime era reoccurrence' , we used to lynch horse theifs - maybe we should lynch car thief's for a bit ? 


    what is the liberal take on their theory ? the rehabilitation/second chance aint working is it ? 

  3. if you have cats , thats it , if you have your first dog since the 70s you might think puppy treats , but then i am new to this again and just getting used to it , SWMBO bought a puppy this last spring and i have now begun the adjustment again , 


    had two peekanese back in the 70s - till the divorce , cant separate the dogs from each other and i lost the coin toss back then , they had a good home either way but at that point i swore off on pets , we , as a couple had kids to raise and sent the time and cash on that - the kids never wanted a pet when young , but both now have their own i their late thirty's so i guess they knew their own minds well enough , when they were young we traveled a lot and had no time to spare between sports and the activities so perhaps it was just as well , their kids are growing up with them , daughter has cat and son has dogs , my new one is curently ceing on my hand , more to  get used to i guess , 


    i grew up with shepards , these little ones seem to demand more attention on a personal level , 

  4. 4 hours ago, The Shoer 27979 said:

    Riots did happen in our youths the riots in watts(LA) and other places,in the 60s made these modern riots look like picnics. My wife live down there close and told me the sky was orange at night from the fires.

    i remember those well , nothing good ever came from any of it , 


    i am glad he has been cleared [even tho rest of life will not be comfortable] he was no more 'wrong' than any other individual on those streets and a lot less than many , i want to "SEE" the prosecutions of the rioters in the same limelight , i hope he reaps the law suite rewards from all that slandered him in the public eye , whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty ??? 

    ive refrained from weighing in till now , ill bow out at this point , im pleased with his vindication and look forward to the rioters justice 

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