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  1. 56 minutes ago, Gunner Gatlin, SASS 10274L said:

    My long guns are always up and canted down range when going from loading table to firing line…and from the firing line to the unloading table. Not hard to do. 

    GG ~ :FlagAm:


    I carry mine the same way.


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  2. On 8/16/2021 at 9:38 AM, Brushy Creek Bill, SASS # 49466 said:

    Well, I was the TO, so that one was on me.  Being concerned for the shooters well being after slipping (fairly hard) in the grass I totally failed with my TO duties.  I should have instructed someone to retrieve the shooters pistols and gun belt and safely take them to the ULT.  


    Being a TO can be rough when there are squirrels running everywhere. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Matthew Duncan said:

    I switched to them towards the end of last year.  Keep in mind my 45 reloads use 250 grain bullets with Titegroup 1 grain below max.. and a very good crimp.  Appears I'm getting more blowback.  I haven't decided if they are worth the extra cost.


    Gamer!  :D

  4. I could tell you, but if I did I would be banned from the wire.


    If your shooting it with Hoot you have to cover your mustache with both hands as the starting position....... I'm not tellin why!


    Slim's comment is the part that will get banned from the Wire.

    Remember ... what happens at Ohio State stays at Ohio State. Tryin' to save your reputation hOOt.

  5. Did it make a difference with what size black? 2f or 3f.


    I'm only using, and only tried 2f.

    Like I said, I think the problem was with the way I had the case belling die (powder funnel) set up. The measure operator rod needed to make a full stroke to get a consistent charge weight. With the Lee dies, using a full stroke would bell the case mouth more than I was used to so I backed it off. I'm sure I could have worked out the bugs but when they both didn't fit the press tool head, I gave up and purchased the Dillon Measure for the black and the disk measure for the grits. It does look and feel cheap but then again it's only $29.99

  6. I bought two with the hopes of using them on my Dillon 550. (with a price of $29.99 each I couldn't help myself) Here are my results.


    1) I seemed to get varying powder charges with the first one. There seemed to be a lot of play in the lever that wouldn't give a me a consistent weight. (part of that was the way I had the powder funnel flaring the case mouth.) I hot glued the arm to remove the play.


    2) I set up the second one to weigh grits. Worked fine for that.


    3) Tried to install both on Dillon tool head. No Go, they won't fit. Put second one back in the box and put it on the shelf.


    4) Ordered a Dillon powder measure for the Black Powder set it up and installed one Dillon and one Lee.


    All is good in the Black powder loading world for me loading 44-40. One note, put in the large powder bar in the Dillon. The volume needed for the 44-40's with grits filler maxed out the small bar and with it opened all the way up it seemed to always spill some powder and make a mess.

    The large bar works much better. I have only loaded about 150 rounds but it look like it will work fine.

  7. Dutch Nichols just posted two New 45 cal. 73's in the Classifieds for less than $1,000. They are beautiful rifles with nice checkering. Check one out at Buffalo Arms website. I have used one of them since I started shooting. The 18" barrel is light and fast moving.


    If it was a 44-40 it would be hard not to buy one of them.


    That's my 2 cents.

  8. Well said Scarlett


    Mine was worth every penny

    I enjoy shooting it and I really enjoy letting other shooters try it

    Thanks again


    Billy the Avenger


    Yea Boy !!


    I shot Billy's at Paradise Pass. I shot it one time and took at least one second off my time in the 22 combo shoot over my Marlin. Once I got used to it who knows how fast I could run it. Of course I used Billy's ammo too... Maybe it was his ammo ?!

  9. I use the Orange Citrus stripping gel. Has a pleasant odor, doesn't harm your skin, comes off with water. From my experience with old Winchester stocks, the wood only raises very slightly. Don't know if it will be the same on your stock but it is something you can use indoors year round. Can pick it up at almost any hardware or home improvement store.


    Plus one on this!


    I thought using the citrus stuff was for sissies. So I got the baddest chemical stripper I could find and started using that because I wanted to get the job done in a hurry. Well that was a bad choice, It wouldn't even touch the finish on the Uberti stock, even letting it sit over night.


    Then I decided to try the CitriStrip that I had read about somewhere, that had been recommend. I sprayed it on and put the stock in a bag overnight. It was amazing how much finish it took off. I think I did three applications and had it all off without even sanding.


    I reapplied the finish with multiple coats of Tru Oil. They even had it in a spray but I rubbed it on.

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