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  1. Hey long time no see. I will take a 1000 9mm. Here is my e-mail address, John_lee1947@yahoo.com send me your address and I will send you a check. 

    PS tell that skinny friend of yours that my Granddaughters will not quit growing.



    John Lee

  2. 100% Grey Wool Shirt size large from River Junction. $50.00 plus shipping. Custom Chaps made locally. Brown mahogany, hand made pewter buttons, elk horn button on pocket . 39 1/2 inches long, 44 1/2 inches on the belt. I’m 6ft 1in 200 lbs and I had to make a extra whole because they were to loose. $250.00 plus shipping. I’m going to try and up load pictures. I hope it’s not above my pay grade. Please respond on page only.


    John Lee 






  3. What company makes the best open top revolver ? I know nothing about them and I would not like to make bad decision.



    John Lee

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