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  1. When the TTN 97's first came out I purchased 3 or 4 of them.  After working on them I decided that I wouldn't touch another one.

    There were some that ran fine, but the majority didn't and it took a excess amount of work to make them shootable.


  2. They were a very good design, but the steel and quality control in manufacture was horrible. I didn't realize that Cimarron was selling them again.

    Hopefully they have corrected the problems that they had when they were first brought in from Pakistan.

    I would like to hear some feedback on the newer ones.

    J M

  3. 10 hours ago, Catlow4697 said:

    Johnny are going to run the emigrant detention center?

    That would not be my style. I'm afraid if I did. I would get worse reviews than President Trump, who in my opinion deserves praise for the work he has done

    for our country. Hers hoping that we will have him an additional four years.


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  4. 14 hours ago, Shooting Bull said:

    You do realize you’re going to have to come to Vegas twice a year to keep my shotguns running, right? :blink:


    Hope you’ll be wonderfully happy in your new digs. :)

    I should be up and running by the first part of next year, so no worries.


  5. 11 hours ago, Ol Number4 said:

    J. M.,


    Dam.... I thought you needed help next week!!!!


    Believe me, I know the process of cuttin'  loose from one place, downsizing and moving.


    Good Luck...


    Ol'  #4

    I will be moving my shop over the next month. Too much to get in a hurry with.

    I'll save a truck load for you.


  6. On 9/9/2019 at 2:38 PM, J. Mark Flint #31954 LIFE said:

    How far is that from the Titan Missile Museum?  I'd come help if I was closer, younger, less lazy . . .


    In the late 60's while going to NAU one of my room mates father was the commander at Davis Montana Air Force base.

    He gave his son and myself a tour of a live Titan missle site. It was just like the James Bond movies of the day, polished stainless steel on everything. 13 stories deep and we went

    near the bottom and looked into the silo at the missile.

    Johnny Meadows

  7. 20 hours ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:


    the faster shooters

    I don't agree with everything you've said. As there is also a certain number of shooters who think they might win by slowing down. To do so they place or lobby for smaller, farther out targets. They could be in any of the groups you've described.


    Also, you didn't name a group for klutzy, slow, old shooters like me. ;)


    Otherwise, your post matches reality.





    "a certain number of shooters who think they might win by slowing down."

    They may think this but their skill level is not up to beating the top shooters in any situation other than the top shooter crashes.


    Another good point of big and close is that I have never heard a shooter comeing off the line stating,  "That was the fastest stage I've ever shot, let move the targets out further so 

    that i can slow down."

    Johnny Meadows

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  8.                             CAMP VERDE GUN AND REPAIR
    Shooting a single trigger shotgun has some common mistakes that shooters make. This occurs most often when shooting a match and rushing the second shot.
    You must release the trigger for it to reset between shots. If you only release it part way, it may double. The recoil from the first shot setting off the second shot.
    This condition sounds just like a double shot, there is no noticeable sound difference. This is very common. The way to check to see if it is in your finger or a mechanical condition in 
    the gun is to take the gun out and shoot many rounds making sure that you release the trigger between shots. If it doesn’t double, then the problem is in you finger
    The other condition when rushing a shot is not releasing the trigger enough for it to reset. Then the second barrel will not fire.
    The Baikal single trigger guns can double if you only open the lever far enough for the barrel to open.  The tuning fork that operates the mechanical trigger does not rise far enough to catch. It then drops down and engages both barrels on the first trigger pull.
    Thank you,
    Johnny Meadows
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  9. My wife and I are moving to be closer to family. I have given up my license while in the moving process and will get another once we are settled.

    I am selling off many of my personal guns. I should be up and running by the first of the year.

    Thank you,

    Johnny Meadows

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