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  1. Winter Range Starting Position

    Winter Range Shooters! We have a new "Winter Range only" stage convention that is important for you to know regarding shooter "stance". Our new stage language "at the ready" means that the shooter may crouch and be in an athletic "ready" posture before beginning the stage. Other stance instructions will always apply (hands at low surrender, touching revolvers, etc). For all stages, whether indicated or not, the shooter may be "at the ready" (shooter does not have to stand erect with hands at their sides unless so indicated). This convention applies at Winter Range ONLY, and does not change SASS rules at other SASS sanctioned matches

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  2. They are doing amazing things with shoulder repairs.

    In the past 6 years I have had 2 repairs on each shoulder with screws holding the right shoulder together

    and a complete reverse shoulder replacement on the left shoulder.

    I basicall have no pain in either shoulder now and can once again hold up a long gun while shooting.

    Thank God for good surgeons.

    Good luck with your repairs.

    Johnny Meadows

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    I just make a rough cut with a band saw then square it up with a stationary belt sander. If you want a more precise cut measure the difference in thickness of the butt end and the forward end. Then use a stack of old playing cards to shim to level.  Just use half the difference  in cards.

    This describes the way I have done it for many years.


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