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  1. Sorry to hear it. The hearing aids are a huge pain in the ass when shooting. Have to put them in to hear the stage instructions, take 'em out to shoot. In the Summer the sweat is hard on 'em. When they start shorting out, I shoot them with CRC Electronic cleaner, same thing I clean my pistols & rifle with - $5/can at Walmart.


    Like Widder, big problem with word recognition. The one good thing is the entertainment my wife & I have when I repeat what I think she said, & it's usually so outrageous, we both laugh our asses off.


    I tried the Walkers once for shooting, but got them wet with sweat shooting, & they were completely ruined before I could use them a second time.


    I have Starkeys with Bluetooth. I guess they work about as well as the limits of my hearing will let them.


    Make sure you knock every bit of the sound out while shooting to save the hearing you have left.


    Sorry you have to join the hard of hearing club. No fun.

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