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  1. Edit's not working and I also forgot to add that the rifle was sent away for a really nice trigger job as well. I "think" Slater did the work but Widder dropped it off for so I'm not 100% on that. I'll get with Widder and make sure about the Smith.....but either way the trigger is very very nice.
  2. PS I shoulda' add it's being sold 100% match ready as well. Big from sight, very nice Rod Kibler butt cover and leather Long Hunter lever wrap.
  3. I have a really nice Short Stroke Marlin for sale. It's built by Cowboy Carty and is a 20 inch 38/357 Deluxe. The stock has been modified to a crescent style and is the exact same as a Uberti 73. The balance is more "flat" as the 73 as well and IMO makes the gun handle better. Guns looks great and doesn't have the usual SASS dings......lol If you have any questions PM me. I have pics I can email you as well. $1350 plus actual shipping. Here's a video of me test driving it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPe7DDAPRTE
  4. Colbert isn't bright enough two see two barrels and do the math. But he 's happy to advise you about complex political topics.
  5. Advantages are in the price only......at the range it's only a disadvantage IMO.......I like 1oz loads. For most situations in SASS the differences will be moot but when you have clays in the air, stars moving, long shots or that stubborn KD that's front feet have dug into the dirt by the time your posse gets there a good 1000FPS 1oz load might make a difference. As a TO I can't count how many times I have seen "magic BB's" in a clay, a chip fly off one in the air, a KD just barely drop etc all because a couple extra pellets hit the mark. I also can't tell you how many matches I have won & lost where the difference of 1 shotgun reload would have changed the outcome. So for me the price of the extra shot compared to all the other expenses and time I have involved in this sport isn't worth the risk. Just my .02.
  6. Those are sweet rifle's for sure.....a hotrod caliber for that time.
  7. We shoot through a lot of windows in the SE. The shorter barrels are better for that IMO. I like the 18's. Plenty accurate, lighter and easy to maneuver.
  8. SKB is lighter, and you can lighten it up more without the barrels popping open, the triggers are much better and they shoot straight......those were the big ones for me.
  9. Probably not the fastest sight picture but I'm sure they will work.
  10. I'll check with the DOD tomorrow....he looks safe to me.

  11. I'll check with the DOD tomorrow....he looks safe to me.

  12. Doc's are good but look at these too. I really like mine. It pulls better than leather.


  13. You will get a LOT of opinions on the 66 or 73. IMO you need to get the one that you like the best.....there isn't any major difference in the guns. Many folks freak out that it doesn't have the lever safety like the 73 but they are not un-safe. The manufactures only make them in 38 for that reason but the 73 are 38/357. I shot one for many years and really liked it........if you want o...

  14. great....see ya' down the trail

  15. Here's outlaws number if you don't all ready have it, Junky 864-451-8270

  16. Slowhand Bob, Hogleg Smith out of GA did mine and it was about $200 bucks or so I can remmeber for the pair. He did a great job and shoot's at Cherokee Cowboys a lot. 770-503-7572, Junky

  17. I didn't get your PM.....maybe my box was full? I cleaned it out. Did you have a stock?

  18. http://sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showuser=24432

    Try this link....or he's on page 90 of under the t's in the members list here

  19. I need a small simple gun cart.

    Didn't someone make a small metal cart?

    2 guns would be just fine!!!

    What's out there? :mellow:

    Tuco Forsthy out of GA makes a real nice two gun cart.....it's cheap too. Fas...

  20. I use Clays and use the 23 powder bushing for my wife with the pink Claybuster wads and 1oz of shot. IMO the more shot the better and the recoil is still VERY light.....even lighter than a Feather light. I use a 25 bushing and the same setup it's probably closer to what you want.......but these are good light loads for SASS

  21. 2.8 grains will give you about 700 fps with a 105 out of a 4 5/8 Ruger. I shoot that in the pistol and the same bullet with 3.5 grains of Clays in the rifle.

  22. You will shoot better in a real cowboy hat.....lol. It's the cowboy karma thing. Go find your hat size and go here http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksid=p5197.m570.l1311&_nkw=cowboy+hat&_sacat=See-All-Categories type in key words like old, vintage, stetson etc and you can find some GREAT deals.

  23. Hey Whiskey…..glad you liked the first match. I saw you mentioned that you didn’t like missin’ much and wanted to do better next time. One of the things many folks miss is most guns you get are not dialed in for the distance we shoot in SASS. The pistol “usually” hit really low with reduced power loads at close distance. That might put you low to begin with and the...

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