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  1. 2 minutes ago, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:

    You'd call off a match of a dusting of snow?


    Guess it all depends on where you live.   When I was down in DC, there was snowstorm overnight.   So, I got up an extra hour early and made my way to work over the about 3 to 4 inches on I 95.   Unplowed.   

    When I got to work, on time, my boss looked at me with surprise and said, "What are you doing here?"

    "I'm scheduled to work."

    "But, there's snow on all the roads."

    "You mean THIS is enough to claim you are snowed in?"

    "Well yeah..."

    "Wow, back home they'd just tell me to get in here right away."


    That being said, I'd not want to shoot in the conditions pictured.  Too cold.  :)


    Actually I've shot in much colder weather, in fact the weekend before we put up the car port and nearly froze to death, a couple of the workers left early because of it.

  2. No problem, thanks for letting me know. I do have a question if you'd be kind enough to answer. You said they were slicked up by Shotgun Boogie, does that work include removing the transfer bars and adding a half cock? Thanks. Still looking.

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