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  1. 22 minutes ago, largo casey #19191 said:

    I still had your address .They're in the mail.



  2. 11 hours ago, largo casey #19191 said:

    Bob I was looking back & found where I sent you these plans 2 yrs ago.I will send them to you again.


    Thanks, I must have lost them.

  3. 2 hours ago, evil dogooder said:

    I have one similar.   How level the ground is greatly impacts the speed of the plates falling.  I tend to have the front a little higher than the back.  If it's the opposite it really slows a fast run down. 

    Like anything could slow you down.

  4. 10 hours ago, calvin n. hobbes SASS #17218 said:

    All rules followed.  I am a private seller.  It is not an auction.  It is not a commercial sale.  I am a SASS member.  My member number is posted.  GB is merly a way for him to contact me.  The gun is not on auction at GB.

    My post was not aimed at you, the responder said he "was not sure of the rules", I was merely pointing them out for him.

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  5. 5 hours ago, RoadRunner76 said:

    Is this still available? And I'm not sure of the rules here as I am a very new member, and I'm not even a member of SASS but I am still interested. 

    The rules are clearly posted on the headline of the Classifieds section.

    SASS Wire Classifieds

    The SASS Wire Classified is for NON-COMMERCIAL POSTINGS ONLY. Offers on the Classifieds may only be posted by a SASS Member (you may not post for someone else), in good standing, and must include his/her SASS Number. Offers posted by Guests or Members not including thier SASS Number will be deleted. You may not sell reloaded ammunition. Commercial Posts from merchants or dealers will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned from the SASS Wire. Auctions, raffles and fundraisers are not allowed and will be removed immediately. SASS in no way endorses or guarantees any information posted on this page. Postings will automatically be deleted after one week. ***BE INFORMED*** It is mandatory that all firearms sales are done through the proper FFL channels. Other agencies read this Wire and you are strongly advised to abide by the law. If you are not sure of the laws for firearm sales and transfers, learn before you buy or sell.

  6. 2 hours ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    AR-15 with 12X scope and suppressor     

    AR-15 with holographic site

    AR-15 with iron sites



    Case of Pmags and 3 cases of ammo.


    All this I lost in a tragic boating accident.


    Where were you, the Mekong Delta?

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  7. 8 hours ago, Hoss said:

    I load my 38-55 on a Dillon 550.  I have to watch the case as it enders the expander die.  if its just a tad off-center it will wrinkle the case mouth.  I think the kength of the case has somethig to do wiht it, it is not held pefectly rigid in the shell plate.  I've comsidered taking the expander to a machine shop and geting them to take a tad off, make it easier to enter the case mouth  

    That's the problem I had and wrecked too many pieces of brass when brass was hard to find. I switched over to a Lyman T Mag and it works great.

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  8. My wife bought one for Christmas 20 years ago. It worked great for many years and then started to give me fits. I took it to Dillon and the put new rubber feet on it, sandblasted the tray and it works great. You have to replace the insert that drops the primer into the tube frequently. I found a used one for dirt cheap at a gun shop last year and brought it to Dillon and they refurbished that one no charge. I do get an upside down primer 1 out 2 or 300 hundred. I just set them aide and fix them all at once. I like the fact that I can keep reloading while it runs. Filling primer tubes by hand is one of my least favorite parts of reloading.

  9. I have one made out of aluminum, I can't remember where I got it and my stuff hasn't been unloaded from my semi annual move. I'll look at it in the morning and see if there is a name on it. I have one for the Sharps and one for my Highwall.

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