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  1. Thank you to the Mounted/Cart Shooters that wish me well after my massive seizure.

  2. So ready for the 2014 Miniature Horse-Cart Shooting season, anyone else?

  3. I can't wait for my WILD WEST MINIS YouTube Channel to get started! A channel dedicated to miniature horses, showing, shooting, and everything in between!

  4. Feeling very proud of Tazz, he's a little superstar! WAY TO GO!

  5. Had my first experience training someone else's miniature horse to pull and cart and for cart shooting...WOW!

  6. Looking into a new cart for cart shooting.

  7. I got my first award winning Buckle!

  8. Anxious to see the Buckle. Hope it comes today!

  9. I was going to drive Tazz today, but something didn't look right with his leg. I will give another day to see if it gets better.

  10. I am still hurting from the bone drill, but I can't wait to get back in the cart and rip up the rooster tails again. All of the prayers that I can get!

  11. I just updated my photo from my recent shoot. What an awesome picture of the burning black powder !

  12. Getting a little anxious to see what the belt buckles will look like.

  13. I have had a great season with SASS and look forward to next year!

  14. I made the coolest SASS Brand with my real name and alias EVER!!!

  15. Just glad that my horse has amazing senses!

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