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  1. Congratulations! Been retired over 16 years and haven't had a day off or a vacation since. One more year and everyone knows I ain't volunteering anymore and will retire for sure. Fishing, hunting, and a lot of shooting.

  2. Mine was kinda spred out over the past 2 months. Been saving money this year and just before deer season received my new Rock River Arms LAR8, which is their version of the AR-10. Built in America just the way I wanted. Second, was a real thiller, back in October from our yearly match I won 2 of 10 guns from the raffle. Did not need either, but sure almost did keep, but sold them. Then I sold my Dillon SQD and LymanyT mag. With those sales I received in the middle of December my new Dillon 650 with all the bells and whistles. Have wanted one since 1992 but just couldn't do it. With winning the guns that made it possible. Really made my Christmas and what a machine!!

  3. During the first portion of bow season couldn't get anything closer than 45 yards. Unable to take any shot due to trees. Firearm season they walked right under my stand, of course got them. Back to bow season right now till Jan 15th and was out Thursday and yesterday, nothing. Some of the biggest doe's are coming to my deer feeder out back, but that ain't coture so won't shoot them. Only been hunting two years and got my first buck this year. A nice 7 points on the right side, and the left side had been knocked off from a battle. But, the taxidermist will fix that. :)

  4. Kinda same for me. AIT back at Christmas 70 and none of us had any vacation due yet. But they wanted to close the base down for a week and granted us that 9 day vacation which would count against us that coming year. Made special flights out of the base and off home we went. My next Christmas home would be 73 and that Christmas Eve I proposed to my wife.

  5. It's fun doing a question like this and see the results. The last few sentence's I wrote was, "They are both legends that will live forever. Both have a very special place. Could you choose?" Some cowboys crack me up :lol: Great results, great stories from everyone. Bet we could continue forever on these two great guys.

  6. The goody-2-shoe folks say if they use too much fluid in the injection it would be over-kill, there4 the proper amount has to be used and no one knows just how much is the right amount. It's all about the criminal and their rights. Why it's called the criminal justice system, not the victim justice system. From one Detective that's been involved in a few death penalty cases. :angry:

  7. Which would you choose?

    I'm a thinking John Wayne, the man's cowboy and you knew when he showed up. Anything other than a cowboy was not that great. But, what a cowboy!

    I'm a thinking Clint, was he a bad guy or a good guy ya just could never tell as a cowboy. Faster than the fastest with a gun, and the eyes. He gave us Dirty Harry and he was one heck of a cop. A Secret Service Agent working with the President. And then there are the movies he produced/directed.

    They are both legends that will live forever. Both have a very special place. Could you choose?

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