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  1. One thing about Missouri that I don't think exist in any other state. I live out in the country by Warsaw, Mo. where Warsaw holds the record high and low temperature for the state. On 2/13/1905 it was -40 in Warsaw. On 7/14/1954 it was 118 in Warsaw. Both state records.

  2. Mode of transportation in Warsaw, Mo. is ICE Skates. But not to worrie, Monday will be back to 60 degrees. Tough in Missouri, a few weeks ago was 0 degrees, a few days later it hit mid 60's, then back to 0, then it hit a record 74 degrees, now the ice storms and 60 Monday. Just a cycle around here. :mellow:

  3. I was a supervisor for Public Service Co, the states largest Electrical utility, based in Tulsa. I worked 21 straight days, 18 hrs a day. Since retired 2 yrs ago after 41 yrs in the business, 30 yrs as a lineman. I have to ride it out just like you all now. We stocked up a few days ago with gas for the generator. I just hope people that don't have a over throw switch installed, pull their meter so the generator doesn't back feed . Putting 120 back out through the secondary side of a transformer creates 7620 v on top side of transformer and back down the line. We had a young contractor killed during that storm ,because of that.




    One reason I had a lineman hook up my generator.

  4. Plenty of water stored, generator ready to go with lots of extra fuel. Now saying my area will have 1" of ice by Saturday here in Mid-Missouri. Was Jan. 12, 2007 from that really big ice storm that wiped out a lot of Missouri. Hang in there J-Bar! :o

  5. Got out of the big city and moved to the country. Love it. New home twice as large as what we moved out of. Wood working shop and gun room for me, sewing room for her. Wish we were snowbirds, maybe someday. Missouri weather, 0 degrees this week but 60 next week. Only thing I did wrong was volunteer way too much. 12 more months and that will all end and more time for shooting.

  6. I was 48. Wife and I were going to do something else, but I told her we lived well below our means and would survive on our pension. Also told her why wait till we are 65 or so and not as in of good health and can really enjoy our life together. So we retired and got out of the big city (Kansas City, MO) and moved into the country. I'm 65 now and so glad we quit when we did. 16 years and going strong. Only mistake I did was taking on way too much volunteer work. One more year of that then I can do all the hunting, fishing, and shooting I can fill into a day.

  7. In her country, midnight happens, families celebrate and then if they are near the city center they go out to a common meeting place and watch the fireworks.


    I said in USA, there are big common meeting places where people gather before midnight and then celebrate together. Often at midnight, the men kiss the women and the women kiss the men, except in San Francisco where . . .


    I thought that was just on Broke Back Mountain??.... :lol:

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