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  1. There are 2 theories for arguing with a woman......neither works.

  2. Money can't buy my soul

    Cause it comes from a hard earned place

  3. RR guard:  You ain't Jesse James. 

    Train robber:  And you ain't Charlie Siringo, just give me the money Nelson.

  4. When you call me that, smile. :)

  5. "Name a shrub after me. Something prickly and hard to eradicate." - Capt. "Lucky" Jack Aubry - HMRN

  6. “ He’s got a mean way of being happy”  - Al Sweragen

  7. Wait a minute, are we trading again? - Colonel Stonehill

  8. “You’re not James Bond.

    And you’re not Thomas Jefferson, so let’s call it even.” - Gust Avrakotos (Charlie Wilson's War)

  9. It seems my twilight has come home, and I didn't even hear it knocking'.

      -Sheriff Bill Nute (Godless)

  10. When you call me that, smile.  - "The Virginian"

  11. Life ain't no rehearsal boy

    you only get one chance........

    you learn that by the seat of your pants.......   Jamey Johnson

  12. Life has a way of making the foreseeable that which never happens, and the unforseeable that which your life becomes. - Everett Hitch (Appaloosa)

  13. A strong man stands up for himself,


    A stronger man stands up for others

  14. You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks

    You can stare into the abyss, but it's staring right back...........

  15. "It appears we must redefine the nature of our association" - Doc H.

  16. I do not entertain hypotheticals; the world is vexing enough as is.

  17. Brennan: “All these boys got is freedom and pride and looking out for one another. All they got is their rules.”

    Slocum: “Where are these rules written down?”

    Brennan: “They’re not written down, you damn fool! They’re lived.”

  18. Rico: So what else is on your mind besides hundred-proof women, 'n' ninety-proof whiskey, 'n' fourteen-carat gold?

    Bill Dolworth: Amigo, you just wrote my epitaph!

  19. Buy more guns. You can't take it with you. I've never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch.

  20. When they put the targets where I'm aiming, I am so much better as a shooter.

  21. Shot him in the lower lip; what was you aimin' at? His upper lip.

  22. So I went out and got our horses and our money......had to stretch a fella and you start a finishing school for Chinese girls

  23. So what else is on your mind besides 100 proof women, 90 proof whiskey and 14 carat gold?

  24. I used to be hell on wheels, back when I was a younger man. Now my body says "you can't do this Boy", but my mind says "oh, yes you can"

  25. I don't give a darn what other folks think. Now whadya' think about that?

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