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  1. This has been touched on before, it's something I think would help. SASS has lots of divisions, an entry level division could easily added. .22 pistols and rifle, with a sxs or pump. Almost any pump could work, (no tactical) they all work basically the same as a model 97 or12. No leather would be needed as the shooter could stage everything. A club could own the firearms and loan them out. Ammo would be factory so no liability on reloads. The cost would be low, two .22 Chiappa 1873 revolvers @$180 each, a Henery .22 rifle $386 and a Stoeger 20 GA SXS $549. All prices retail come to $1295, so you could find cheaper new guns or go the used route. Call it Tin horn or Pilgarm, or whatever. If your worried about high overall, this division doesn't have to eligable to win it.
  2. I think this video is great, I've shown it to lots of prospective new shooters in my area.
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