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  1. In seventh grade working on a project with others out of the classroom. One girl came in and said JFK was shot. We thought it was the start of a joke. Everyone had to go back to their classrooms. My teacher was a hardcore Democrat. As we all sat in silence, he walked to the front of the classroom and scribbled "JFK IS DEAD" on the blackboard and left the room crying.

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  2. I bought one in 2012 as my first rifle. LGS has 3 of each caliber. They were somewhere around $1400 if I remember. It went on sale for $750 so one in 38/357 followed me home.  Put in new springs, smoothed it up and checked timing. It runs like a top. We both now shoot Classic so it sits in the safe as a loaner. I have never had a problem with it.

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  3. Dang near perfect shooting weather, cool in the morning but not a cloud in the sky all day. Great match for a great cause put on by a great crew. My only time shooting Josey Wales during the year......didn't shoot for crap but had a great time with cowboy friends. Thanks again to the entire Tusco crew for another great year. 

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  4. Retired - YEP

    Travel - Shot in seven states this year plus local monthly every week. 

    Grandkids - Six grandkids ages 3-7 (all live within 20 minutes) so most activities are during the week. Kids know Papaw and Mamaw shoot on weekends so they plan things later in day so we can attend.

    New clubs - Shot three new clubs this year. (New to us)


    Our club was down at least 25% this year for various reasons but we'll be there for those that want to and can shoot.

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