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  1. Have you considered replacing the 3.5 inch barrel on your USFA with a 5.5 inch barrel? Then you would have a matched pair. with less expense than buying another pair of revolvers
  2. Shot 3rd generation SAA 32-20 a couple of years. They are now safe queens. Some day they will go to a match again.
  3. The largest Black Tail buck I ever shot was a one shot kill with a Winchester model 92 in 44-40 caliber. One in the boiler room was sufficient.
  4. Mine are serial numbers 11 & 12. Did everyone get low numbers?
  5. UPS just delivered mine. They are beautiful, even better than I expected. I posted pictures on Facebook. If I figure out how I'll post here also. Took the pictureswith my phone now have to get them transferred to computer, unless there is a way to post on this wire from my phone.
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