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  1. We moved into our present home in 2008. In 2020 I finally had to cancel my telephone landline, because it was so unreliable. We had numerous calls into AT&T to fix it. They even replaced the underground wire from the pedestal, in front of my house, to the house. Still was unreliable. 

    We live in the city limits, so it's not like we live out in the boondocks'.

    I had four monthly bills with AT&T. One house phone, on a land-line, and two cell phones, and directv. 

    Now I have one bill...directv, and I am fixing to change over to dish, since I don't care for the prices of directv...or their attitude, either, for that matter. 

    Oh, and even though my home is in the city limits, I have no access to the AT&T internet. The have never bothered to run a line down our street for the internet. 

    They can kiss my grits!!!




  2. Pecard leather dressing. 

    It is what the Smithsonian uses on their antique leather. 

    It moisturizes the leather fibers, and makes them swell, and keeps the leather supple.


    If you use saddle soap, remember...it is just that...soap. Soap dries out the leather fibers. So apply a liberal amount of Pecard's after you use saddle soap, to remoisturize the leather fibers. 


    Do not use butter, it will turn rancid. 

    Do not use petroleum based oils.

    Do not use vasoline.

    Do not use neatsfoot oil. 

    Do not use transmission oil, or motor oil.

    Do not use Crisco, Mazola, corn oil, olive oil, Wesson oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, lard, bacon fat. 


    Use a leather conditioner, specifically made for leather.



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  3. I gave my Belgium Browning Hi-Power, made in 1968, to my daughter-in-law, for a Christmas present last year. It was the only 9mm I owned. I liked it a lot, but not enough to wait until I croaked to will it to her. 

    I have no 9mm now, and don't want any. 

    But, from what I have read, the Springfield is a good one to buy, if you are in the market for a Hi-Power design. It may be a while, until sane prices return, and the inventory is back to some sort of normalcy. Meanwhile, the rookies will pay the high prices, and the greedy will accept higher than the M.S.R.P. prices, and frustration will prevail, to a greater, or lessor extent.  

    Not all that surprising, really. 

    I guess what puzzles a lot of us, is...if a company advertises a new product, why don't they have the inventory to back it up? I figure there are reasons/excuses, as to the why of it all. I am just not informed enough to understand, I guess.

    Do they do it that way to gauge the potential interest, and then decide if, and when, to ramp up production, if great enough interest is shown?




  4. I'm trying to find reloading components/ammunition around here, in a place I can walk in to, and buy it, is not working out very well. 

    I do not want to pay a haz-mat fee, on top of the already disgustingly high prices, so I am not looking on-line for anything.

    I am not seeing a lot of anything on the shelves around here, yet...unless...one is looking for expensive 9mm, or 5.56mm, or .223, with a 1 or 2 box limit.

    Obviously, if "they" are working 24/7/365, it hasn't reached the shelves around here. What little is here, is too expensive. I refuse to buy it.  

    Perhaps next year may be better. The operative word is "may".

    I'm not holding my breath. 






  5. Outside of the big liberal cities, like Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, he is a laughing stock, and we think he will glean even less support now, than he did when he ran for the Senate a couple of years ago. 

    The democrats have lost tons of support among the traditionally democratic border counties with Mexico, because of the total lack of interest by the present democratic administration, to come down to the border, and see the situation for themselves. 

    People like ole beto don't seem to realize how unpopular they, and the democrats, have become, over the border situation...or, they don't want to see it. 

    None of us can understand why he doesn't use his real name. We think he uses the name "beto" to appeal to certain groups, but it isn't working out. 

    He needs to get a real job, and quit trying to gain a political office, and live off the public breast. 

    He will never live down his anti 2nd Amendment stance, with us. He should move to a more liberal state...or to north korea. 




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  6. If one is on F.B., or twitter, or whatever social(ist) media, you subscribe to...then you simply have to obey them, and their rules. 

    The alternatives are: go elsewhere...or...eliminate them from your life. 

    Otherwise....if you can't live without F.B. or whatever...then...you obey/comply.


    There ya go.




  7. I was 14. 

    No one will ever convince me that a used, mail-order, Italian bolt-action rifle, in that caliber, with a loose scope, could make shots like that, with the target moving not only away, but away, down, and diagonally. 

    I have been to the location of that shooting in Dallas, many times, over the years, and it is just not feasible to make those kinds of accurate hits, with a rifle like that. Maybe...just maybe, it could have been done with a semi-automatic rifle. Maybe. With an old mail-order bolt-action rifle, with a loose fitting scope? The odds are too great.   

    One man, from that vantage point, with that rifle, with that loose scope??? 

    Maybe the first shot could have hit someone, but the successive rapid shots, and being that accurate? I just do not buy that explanation. 

    For me, happenstance, and luck, and chance, may happen once, in a certain scenario, but in rapid succession?


    The Secret Service will never live that failure down...nor should they. 


    Somewhere, around the house, I have a local newspaper, that I saved from that day. 





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  8. Roadrunners.




    Feral hogs.

    King snakes.

    The Texas Indigo snake...the number one snake killer in Texas (the record length is 8.5 feet, and is a protected snake in Texas). 

    It is not venomous, but...it will scare the s@#* out of Superman, let me tell you !!!! 

    Last, but not least....ME ! 


  9. Outwardly, I usually say thanks for saying that...just to be polite.


    Inwardly, you might as just as well say: "have a nice day", or "nice day today".  I prefer not to be acknowledged, or thanked. 


    I served, and would do so again. 


    However, when I got back from overseas, in 1972, we were greeted at the airport with jeers, called murderers, baby killers, spit on, some threw things at us. When off base, we never wore our uniform, because we did not want the negative attention, and the hassle, but we got it anyway, because of our short hair length, and I suppose, our mannerisms.


    I wasn't drafted, I joined. I did not know what I wanted to do, and I did not know what to major in, in college, so I decided to join the military, and do my duty to my country. Dad was a veteran, and I wanted to be as well. A lot of us even believed we might make a difference.   


    I am very glad that today's veterans are cheered...and warmly, and genuinely greeted, and appreciated, not only when they are coming back to the States, but also, when they are at the airports leaving for overseas duty. A few years back, our Cowboy Church had a team that regularly went to the DFW airport to greet military men and women, either coming home, or going overseas. I have even seen former President Bush, and Laura Bush, at the airport, and greet the military folks as they were coming off the plane. He, and Laura made me proud. 


    Much too late for me, but not for the veterans of today. It is important to honor them, and thank them, so they will have positive memories, later on, in their lives, and not negative ones. 


    There ya go.









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  10. I am getting charged a late fee, by the credit card companies, for my payment being late. I mail them, I thought, in plenty of time. So, I am being punished, and charged, because the U.S.P.S. is slow. Of course, the credit card companies, won't change their due date, or even look at the date on the check, or money order, that I obtained. I blame the credit card companies, as much as the slow-as-molasses-in-the-Klondike postal service. 


    And no, I do not pay my bills electronically. I got burned, one time, very badly, and it took a long time to correct.  If you want and prefer to do it that way, go for it...I shall pass. 



  11. I enjoyed his world war 2 movies...such as: Back to Bataan, They were Expendable, Operation Pacific. 


    Yep, idealistic, and perhaps hokey to some. 

    Some movies appeal to what, and how, we think it should have been like, instead of how it really was.

    I presume they wanted the folks, back home, to see it all in a more positive, and highly patriotic, light, and wanted it to be more wholesome, than it really was.

    For a mom to view a movie about how it really was, back in that day, would, like as not, have embarrassed her, and offended her. 



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  12. For me, I am not interested in a stainless, large loop, lever action, in any caliber, but I am very hopeful that some later offerings will be something I will purchase. 

    We are all rooting for Ruger, and hoping for the best for the new Marlin. Yep, a lot of us were burned by the Remington offerings, and the old saying: "fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me", comes to mind. Once burned, there is a tendency to be apprehensive about things. 

    But...the passing of time, will tell. 

    I have to believe, based on what I hear, is that Ruger is aware of what came before, and doesn't want their product to be the "same song, second verse". 

    I also believe they are aware that there are still a lot of J.M. Marlins out there, so we are able to compare what was, to what will be. I believe they are determined to not come up short. They can do it...until proved otherwise, I think they will.  

    But, being an imperfect human, I could be wrong. 



  13. Robert Mitchum - Movie: Blood on the Moon.

    Kirk Douglas - Movies: Across the Great Divide, The Big Sky, The Indian Fighter

    James Stewart - Movies; Winchester '73, Broken Arrow, Bend of the River, The Naked Spur, The Far Country, The Man from Laramie, Night Passage, Two Rode Together, The Man who shot Liberty Valance, Shenandoah. 

    Alan Ladd - Movies: Shane, Whispering Smith, Branded, Drum Beat, The Proud Rebel, The Badlanders

  14. From what I have read, the British did not fathom the fact that this continent was so large that a guerrilla war would have lasted for years, upon years. They did not have the resources to fight a long war, over the vast distances involved. Plus the colonist's mindset had changed, over the years. There was a division among the colonists now. So much so, that in reality, our first "civil war", happened during the Revolutionary War, between those loyal to the Crown, and those that wanted independence from Britain. This "civil war" had nothing to do with slavery, but it pitted neighbor against neighbor, and it was brutal, and vengeful. It became a feud between communities, and families...and was very pronounced in the southern colonies. 

    The British won a lot of battles, but ultimately they were going to lose. 

    Later, when the "War of 1812" broke out, they faced different problems, and a more united opposition, and an opposition that would not be conquered. 

    For the second time, they simply bit off more than they could chew, and they underestimated the problems they would, and did, face. 



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  15. I liked my 1999 Dodge 3/4 ton. 

    It got great mileage....around 28 mpg on the highway, as I recall. 

    But the plastic dash just disintegrated into dozens of broken pieces, after a couple of years. Then diesel went up, big time. So, I eventually donated it to a charity, and got a token tax write-off. It had a six-speed standard transmission, 360 C.I. Cummins, in-line six. My left leg was very muscular from pushing that clutch in, to change gears. Long wheel-base. It was loud, and sounded like a tank coming down the street. 

    I loved it, but just could not afford the diesel, or the repairs. 

    Sounds like you have a really good one. Like as not, a lot better one than you could buy, right now. 

    I always name my vehicles. 

    My Dodge diesel was named: "Biscuit", after the horse, "Seabiscuit". 



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  16. There was a guy standing on the corner, with a sign that said: "will work for food".


    I offered him an onion to paint my house. He gestured a decline.


    Heck, I even offered him a Vidalia onion.


    Maybe I should have offered to cut it for him, as well. 




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  17. Obviously the first wish would be that we actually see real evidence of the "24/7/365" manufacture of reloading components, and also ammunition. All I have heard, so far, is talk. The shelves, around here, are as empty as traitor-joe's head. 

    Second: A muzzleloading double-barrel shot-gun, with screw-in chokes. They made a few, back in the day, but I can't find any made today. 

    Third: A straight grip model 1886 lever-action rifle, with octagonal barrel, made by someone other than chiappa. :wacko:

    Pedersoli, and Uberti make one with a pistol grip, but I prefer a straight grip. 

    Fourth: That Uberti would correct their design of the Schofield, and other top-break revolvers, so we could actually shoot black-powder in them. Well, you can shoot black-powder in them now, but they seize up after one or two cylinders of firing. If you are going to make a clone, then make a clone, with authentic designs. 

    Fifth: That they made a "Colt" Lightning, slide-action rifle, in .38 w.c.f. caliber.

    Sixth: That Uberti would re-introduce their model 1876 Centennial, with a 20 inch barrel, in addition to the standard 28 inch barrel. The 20 inch barrel was once available.

    Seven: A reproduction of a Merwin & Hulbert revolver.


    To the manufacturers, I say, where there is a will, there is a way. We have more clones available today, than ever before. I started shooting clones, and blackpowder reproductions, in 1965. We have come a very long way, since those days. We never thought we would see a Rogers & Spencer, or a Starr, or a LeMat reproduction, or a Spencer, or a trapdoor, or a Schofield. 


    Yep...if it was easy, anyone could do it. I won't hold my breath on this holiday wish.  


    I will stop at seven wishes. I am sure others have their own holiday wish lists, that they would like to see. 

    Oh...wish lists emphasize the word "wish". I am very painfully aware of the fact that there are excuses for certain things not being made, or not being made anymore.

    Wishing doesn't mean expecting to have it happen. It is a wish list.

    But....who knows...maybe someone is reading/listening, and that could start someone thinking. Stranger things have happened. 




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