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  1. This, unless your rifle is modified and short stroked to handle the .45 CS. When you do that to a Marlin, you MUST shoot the shorter bullet unless you change the carrier back to the original profile.


    The main advantage is the more efficient burn in a case size designed for smokeless powder.


    BTW - I have seen folks shoot .44 Russian in a 44-40 with the modified carrier.



    .44 Russian in a 44-40 or 44 special? Seems like the case and rim would be too small for a 44-40.

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  3. Make sure she handles an 1878 before you buy one for her, they are very heavy. I shot one for years and really like it but it started making my elbow hurt due to the weight. I went backto a Stoeger for a while and then made the mistake of buying an SKB. Now I have 2 SKB's and doubt if I could ever go back to anything else.

    3/4 oz loads will knock down anything we shoot if you hit it.



    If you put powder in it :D


    and assuming no one is holding the rope to keep it up ;)

  4. No but it will work with .44 mag brass according to the article. I noticed there's no external hammer though, I wonder if that would be a factor??

    Talking about an Evans and maybe some snubbies; you coming back to the Dark Side? ;)

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  5. Buy whatever you like and go shoot!!!! Dive in with both feet! You're gonna change your mind so many times on guns to use for this sport anyway. So buy what you can and go shoot!!!


    I disagree with all that say "Don't buy" until you go to a shoot! Just go shoot!!!! JUST MHO

    I'm gonna agree with Mr. Miles here. The Rossi is your best choice of the rifles you mentioned hands down. Those pistols are Pietta made and

    are probably decent. Unless you can already reload, .357 is a little cheaper to start out with.


    Welcome to the fun!!!

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  6. I'm one of those who thinks that there is no need to be humane when there was none shown to the victims!


    DROWN THE BASTARDS!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

    You didn't ask for one, but:





    Or as your lookalike once said:


    Just take them rascals out in the swamp

    Put 'em on their knees and tie 'em to a stump

    Let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest

  7. Why would it be a P trap for gunfighters?


    Same reason it might be for a rifle. There is no break while retrieving second revolver; continuous fire as both revolvers in hand and loaded.

  8. I was going to give a wise ass reply in a different thread (Surprised? :D ) and an interesting question came to mind.


    Nevada sweeps don't have to start on an end target, they can start in the middle. What would be your reaction if a stage called for the shooter to use the rifle to perform two separate Nevada sweeps, both starting in the middle and going in either direction?


    You'd have to remember to double tap the center with the fifth and sixth rounds. I think that would be pretty cool with pistols, but think it might be considered a P

    trap for rifles.

    Or gunfighters...

  9. If anybody has actual knowledge on how this could be made to happen, maybe let Misty know. I for one do not have enough computer skills to suggest a fix.

    The developer that worked on the recent issues should know how to do it; I think his name was James. I run one now and have been administrator over several forums and

    tweaked code for several different kinds of forum software. Most of the time it is a matter of turning it on and letting the code know where to upload the

    images/attachments in tandem with granting permissions to the users. I know it's possible with the IP Board software we run here because I am a member of another

    forum that uses the exact same software; they allow you to attach up to 10 items(.jpg, .png, .pdf, etc...) to a post and insert them into the post.

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