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  1. I ain't sorry, UB!! The Titans stunk up the place too!! If they don't stop trying to not lose, they're gonna' blow it!! At least they control their hopes. If they win out, they are the AFC South champs.

    Hope you're not gonna hold your breath, the Chefs are gonna be tough.


    I'm not a fan of playing no to lose either, but it's probably going to be that way for a few more years.

  2. This is not a debate or "Category creation by committee". It was created by a group of people who were interested in Steampunk, and people who said "I don't like steampunk and wouldn't shoot it", or "I don't think it has anyplace in SASS" were SPECIFICALLY NOT consulted.


    No gunfighter? Because I said so.


    I firmly believe that gunfighers should only shoot against other gunfighters. That's why they have their own categories.


    If you don't agree, start your own unofficial category.


    That is reason enough. I did not mean any offense.

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