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  1. 1 hour ago, Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life said:

    What about old messages 9 years old?  When I click on "Messages," some of them don't have the little blue box.  They have the red box and show that they are 9 years old.  I'd like to get rid of them too.


    Maybe I don't know how to get to INBOX.  I just click on the envelope at the top of the page.  Am I missing something?


    I see what you mean about some of them not having a check box, I have a few too. You can delete them individually by opening them to read them; click on the title. Once the message is open, there will be a dropdown  in top right corner called "Options" with a trashcan inside. See image of how I get to my inbox:





  2. He is fine as far as I know. He is just no longer doing work for SASS.





    I sent him an email a bit ago and all is well with James.



    Allie Mo, if SASS needs any help with their forum software or web site I'm sure their are several skilled cowboys/girls(self included) that would be happy to help at no charge.

  3. California is not going secede. Even if it wanted to, there's no way that anyone would let that happen. Over half the food grown in the us comes from California, as well as a whole lot of tax dollars. California may not be able to survive on its own, but sure as hell the rest of the country can't survive without California. For better or worse, both need each other.


    Need to see some stats on that from a respectable source; pretty sure there's a lot of corn and grains grown as well as cattle and chicken raised in the flyover states that might dispute that. As far as us surviving without California, I'm positive we'd be fine; especially here in Tennessee.


    That said I hope they don't move forward with this and I hope they do not successfully secede. What I do wish is for is California to split into another state so that the electoral college doesn't always go to the democrats.

  4. There is much to be said for gunsmiths with history and credentials. I know of several who are top shelf, some of which are not as well known outside of their local range, but still top flight!!


    Talk to folks you know and trust who have had similar work done!


    Like Willy, who can make a Rossi 92' run like a hot knife through butter!

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  5. And yet, we don't know who you are.

    No profile photo? Isn't that part of what you're asking for? :D


    I think it's mostly people don't want to take the time to fill out anything.


    Well, I think he just means it would great and aid in assisting folks if they'd list a general location on their profile; which I agree with. He doesn't list location himself, but he does list his website which anyone can use to find out more about him.

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