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  1. 2 minutes ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:


    Red Knee's mentor is coming to the TN State.

    The man who got Red Knee shooting a 97 and teaching him

    a good deal of what he knows.    The man who has also beat

    Red Knee in some speed competition at one time.

    A man I'm looking forward to meeting and hanging out with

    a spell.   And a man who is also one of the best 97 smith's in

    the country.   The man..... Roy's Creek Dan.


    He's as fine a feller you'd ever want to meet.   Look him up

    at the State and say 'Howdy'.





    Will do. 


    Sounds like here's gonna be a bunch of mighty fine 97 shooters at State; again...


    Almost makes me want to switch categories and learn to run one myowndangself.



  2. Really? You think Facebook would sell ads to Ruger or any gun manufacturer? I have trouble believing this.


    I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just curious. 


    It's an interesting topic. I own/run 3 web sites too. None have been signed up to track user data. 1 deals with Flintlock rifles, one deals with Bibles/Christianity, one deals with Banjos/Mountain Dulcimers.  For some reason when I go to Facebook I get hammered with banjo and dulcimer related stuff, but NOT Flintlock rifles or Christian related things. 



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  3. 27 minutes ago, Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903 said:

    We have 197 Cowboys and Cowgirls registered from 19 states ( I left out Tennessee on the last count)! The next largest state representation after Tennessee is a tie with Illinois and Georgia with 21 each. 3 weeks to go and it will be here before you know it!!!!



    Wait, Georgia is better represented than ALABAMA? Illinois is better represented than KENTUCKY? C'mon cowboys  let's get those numbers up!

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  4. 2 hours ago, Rev. Stanley Otten III Bud said:

    Are you saying On a Taylor you'll never know the real MFG.




    No, he's saying a lot of people think that Taylor's,  Cimarron and EMF are manufacturers, but they're NOT; they're importers. 


    From what I can tell a majority of Taylor's guns are made by Uberti. 



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  5. What Yul said ^^^^


    I've never had any problems with Taylor's(mainly Uberti), Cimarron(Uberti and Pietta), or EMF Firearms(Pietta importer).


    Have you fired an 1875? Been to any matches? 

  6. 33 minutes ago, DeaconKC said:

    I hope one day to come to this match just to meet all you fine folks!


    1 minute ago, Tennessee williams said:

    Come on, I'll get you a nanner split!


    And I'll get you a Ski to wash it down with.



    P.S. I realize most of y'all have no idea what a Ski is so here's a link :



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  7. 1 minute ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    Actually I just wrapped up the last day of our busiest season of the year.  I'm about to pour myself a nice bourbon on the rocks and put my feet up.  Maybe after that I'll take a spin down to the lake and watch the sun go down.


    Y'all keep picking on an old broken down Cowboy, heck half the time I can't remember which pistol to draw first.  


    I think you should be setting your sights higher than just beating me...

    Oh, I'm not beating you anyway(or your son). If we didn't pick at ya' you'd think we was mad.



    Enjoy the sunset.

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  8. Sure is quiet in here today...


    I bet Capt BB is studying for the spelling contest and no doubt TW is lookin for his stash of nanner' splits he hid from hissowndangself; sure hope he remembered to put em' in the deep freeze instead of the cast iron stove this time.


    P.S. Y'all don't tell him, but we ain't really having' a spelling contest; don't want to unnecessarily confuse them folks to the south of us; would rather whoop up on em' fair and square...

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