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  1. 1 hour ago, Yellowhouse Sam # 25171 said:

    Well, that’s odd we saw nothing more of Monica and Tate

    I thought the exact same thing, but Missus Tyrel said she saw them in the previews for later in the season.

  2. 56 minutes ago, Trigger Mike said:

    My teenage son got us to try it so we watched the first episode Saturday night and are recording what is on now and may try and catch up.  


    It seemed OK, but not great to me so I imagine it gets better as it goes.  


    Definitely does. Season 1 episodes 1-3 were really slow to me, but by episode 5 or so I was all in.  I don't care for the language, but I reckon I can overlook it.


    Season 4 so far is pretty epic!



    1 hour ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    The best line in the show was from the kid!!  He told Rip that he’d “outkicked his coverage”!  I laughed’til I couldn’t!!:lol: :lol:


    With all the new rules for kickoffs and punts, the kid pulled out an oldy!!  It certainly nailed that relationship!! :lol: :lol:


    I’m STILL chuckling!!


    He's not wrong!


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  3. 3 hours ago, Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971 said:

    RR, your original post stated you would be using BP subs.  These don't have the flame of real black powder.  The only currently available sub that gives me any flame out the end of the barrel is Shooters World BP sub.  For style points you need real black powder.  APP will just give you a huge cloud of white smoke with lots of white streamers.  Triple Seven will give you a sore shoulder.


    Well that doesn't make sense because APP makes the Shooters World power.


  4. For real BP I use:

    Gold Remington STS Hulls

    Claybuster 7/8oz gray wads

    45-48gr of Real BP

    7/8oz #7.5 lead shot


    I use a MEC Sizemaster press and a Lyman BP Measure as a separate step, no powder on the press itself.


    I'm too lazy to mess with roll crimps and fiber wads. No need for 1-1 and no need for more than 7/8oz of shot IMO. Whatever amount of sub that equals 45-48gr of BP is plenty of power; sorry can't remember where a conversion chart is.



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  5. 7 minutes ago, Sixgun Seamus said:

    GREAT NEWS!! Last night, after dancing around my trailer naked three times at midnight while chanting the Ohio State fight song and waving the State of Ohio flag, I am certain that I was able to reverse the hex and drive away the evil Bama spirits. Through incantations I summoned the spirit of our beloved Woody Hayes that assured me this would be effective even though performed the night AFTER the full moon.....time will tell.....we'll see.

    GO BUCS!


    Seamus, I sure hope you danced counter-clockwise around your trailer, remember everything in Bamalama is bass-ackwards...

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  6. Some of y'all should be in politics...


    Not me, a more humble person you'll never meet and I certainly don't have an ego.


    TW, it hurts that you didn't mention us BP shooters at all. We should've been at least number 2 on that list. Since you forgot all about me and my fellow Soot Lords(and Ladies) I'm gonna eat that nanner split I was bringing you later today...

  7. There was another very short thread on these last year(I think). As was mentioned there, the guns look like they set up higher off the ground than I'd be comfortable with.


    IF I were going with a stroller I'd either build my own from a jogging stroller OR get a rugged gear; I personally don't like strollers though.  @Scarlett do you still get discounts on Rugged Gear?

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