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  1. One of the things my traveling Pard Verdadero & I do every year is make a trip into Houston to Collectors Firearms. Biggest gun store I’ve ever seen. New, used, modern, antique,  military, curios, most long guns out where you can get all touchy-feely with them. Prices are a tad high, but they do bargain a bit. 





  2. 55 minutes ago, Renegade Plowboy said:

    Y’all forgot one important detail about the round in the rifle, where was it?


    Was the rifle grounded open or closed? Did any part of the round make it into the chamber, even if the action was open?  If any part of the round started to enter the chamber, than the round is considered chambered, even if it was left open. 


    SDQ if any part of the unfired round made it into the chamber. 

    Bullet not in chamber. Action open 

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  3. 29 minutes ago, Anvil Al #59168 said:

    I have not shot down there in years because of the. Well, lets just say, ways.


    Had heard they have been changing.

    So hope they have.

    And we just sent ours in a few days ago.


    Have they changed enough??

    Will see. If not. It will be the last time I give them another chance.  

    But hope for the best. Come on THSS. Do it right.

    AA, I’m not a THSS member.  So not “selling the brand”  But I can tell you they have moved more towards SASS norms. Did away with the non-sass rules. (Like if aiming at wrong target and miss, it’s a P and a miss) target distances are very reasonable.  They do still have THSS wild bunch as a category, shot with 1911, early model DA revolver, military rifle, model 97. not my cup of tea, but hey, certainly not hurting me. THSS started my favorite category, Cody Dixon.  They also offer sharpshooter, where shooter shoots main match rifle targets with pistols, and another set of targets (shared with Cody Dixon) at 60-75 yds or so for rifle. A little something for everyone! 

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  4. 19 minutes ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:

    No violation of any rule, procedure, or safety/handling convention = NO PENALTY.

    I was 99% on that. FWIW no call was made. 

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  5. I shot with the good folks at THSS today. They have done a lot of work on the range, fixing weak spots in boardwalks, rebuilding some stages, general sprucing up. Range looked good, weather was perfect. (A little chilly at first, but overall really nice!)


    they have replaced all odd shaped targets with new mostly (if not all) AR 500 steel. They would not be considered “big and close” but definitely have moved them in from what they used to be (which I kinda miss!) very hitable. THSS had gained a reputation of small, far targets. They listened to shooters and moved them in and replaced most of the odd shaped targets. I’ll admit I don’t miss those train cars! 

    They did keep the bears!   If you haven’t already, get signed up. THSS Trailhead 30 is going to be a great match. 




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  6. We may have had this or similar WTC a while back. I could not find it by searching, but never have had much luck searching threads!


    order is rifle pistol shotgun. 

    shooter shoots 9 out of rifle. Grounds rifle, draws pistol. TO yells one more.  Shooter puts pistol (uncocked) on shelf, picks up rifle, fired last round, then picks up pistol and finishes. 
    About 1/3 wanted MSV. 1/3 a P, 1/3 no call. 

    Those that wanted penalty said if he had re-holstered pistol would have been a no call, but laying on shelf was a penalty. 

    FWIW I was in the No call camp. 

  7. I have a Uberti 76 45-60. I initially trimmed 45 70 brass using a mini chop saw from harbor freight. Found a 3D printed jig. Easy-peasy to cut down. I later found 45-60 brass at Grafs. It’s fairly expensive, 2.20 each. I can’t tell the difference in my rifle. Now I use the 45-70 cut down for BP and the 45-60 for smokeless. 

    my pet load is 12.0 Unique and a 305grn Bear Creek Bullet. Accurate out to 300 yds.  

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  8. If say no call as the “broke gun” declaration changes things. Unless going down range being the reason for the vertical staging. 

    certainly no competitive advantage, especially eating the 3 misses! 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Grizzly Dave said:

    Skimming thru the replies, no one mentioned that the 750 have 5 stations, and the 550 only four.  Assuming you run separate seat and crimp dies, that doesn't leave any room for a powder check die.  When I was buying my Dillon that was important to me, so I bought a 650 and don't regret it.


    Also, while the manual indexing does indeed make it easier to correct a problem, it also adds another manual operation that must be done and not forgotten.  Running properly having to fix an issue is rare, so for me the auto indexing made more sense in my mind.  If I do have an issue, I pull each case and verify that it is in the correct condition for the die it's in.


    Lastly, in this day and age, if you already have everything you need to load except the press, it may come down to what you can find available.



    On my 550, loading rifle rounds, I shake each one by my ear as I box them up. I’m not saying I could tell a grain difference, but can certainly tell if it has powder in it, and I suspect I could tell a double charge, but I’m not intentionally loading one to find out! 

    I do have a RCBS lockout for in my 750. 

  10. 550 is a dandy press. I load 45-70 (2 different loads) and 38-55 on mine. 3 toolheads so changing calibers is simple.  I only have 2 powder measures, so one is for 38-55. The other for 45-70, I just change the powder bar out do I don’t have to adjust the bar every time I change from trapdoor to sharks loads.  The manual indexing does have some advantages, and it’s really pretty fast once you get a process that works for you. 

    the 750 is also excellent. I use mine for 38SP, which is what I shoot the most of. I can really crank them out. 

    I had a 650, bought a 750 and sold the 650. I just like  the priming system on the 750 better. 

    I also have a Lee Classic Turret. I load 45-60, 32SW, 38SW, 44-40, 45colt on it. It’s also very good. 

    in short, different presses have their pluses and minuses. Your reloading process will have more to do with quality ammo than what color your press is!


    if I could only have one, it would very likely be the ales Classic Turret. 

  11. God ole Cajun boy fishing guide was known to always bring in a limit of fish for his clients. Game warden heard gecsss using dynamite. Game warden went undercover, booked a trip. Sure unify, got to a likely spot and old Boudreaux reaches under his seat, light a stick and throws it over. KABOOM! Fish floating everywhere. The game warden pulls out his badge, Thelma Boudreaux he is under arrest for dynamiting fish. Boo calmly reaches down gets another stick, lights it, tosses it to the game warden and asks if he is there to talk.....or fish? 

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