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  1. 4 minutes ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    Wouldn't that make it an auction, if someone could make an offer that was accepted for less than the stated price? Especially if it was done privately?


    No offence meant. I've long felt that the Classifieds could be better defined. I've had many questions about the forum. Usually, I asked Doc Faraday and his word was gold.

    No offense taken!


    i would send my PM offer as I am interested in your item at $xx. If you don’t get any other offers let me know.

    Seller can leave it listed, reduce price to something between what I am offering and original asking price, make a counteroffer, or sell it. In my mind doing it via PM gives others the chance to buy it at asking price anytime prior to us making a deal. 

  2. In my mind, if a poster says “first I’ll take it, gets it” then a buyer asking a question assumes the risk that someone else may buy it no questions asked. 

    ive seen items that I was interested in, but not at the quoted price. I typically send a OM with my offer. If somebody says I’ll take it at posted price I respect sellers right to sell it to him. 

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  3. An elderly man in my church has this. I think it’s a 1862 pocket navy. London address model. 

    I’m pretty sure it’s an original Colt, 4 digit serial # all match. 

    what do y’all think?





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  4. About 1/2 the ranges I shoot at are timed for tie breakers. My Uberti does not cock. It is a tad slower when time matters. Ones that cock slightly increase your chance for an AD. Especially if you have a light trigger. If I found a deal on a  Rifle I liked cocking or not cocking would not be a deal breaker. 

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  5. The Smith & Wesson pocket pistols are arguably the best built. I have several. I prefer the hammer model over the lemon squeezer, but that’s just me. I also have Iver Johnson, H&R, Merwin Hulbert, A Colt Lightening, and a couple of others. They are fun to shoot, not overly expensive so fun to collect. I primarily only shoot BP or BP sub APP in mine. 


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  6. I’ve not heard of a “baby Schoefield”. Baby Russians are spur trigger single action 

    im guessing you are looking at a S&W double action. There were several models, in .32 and .38SW. Top break like a schoefield 


  7. 35 minutes ago, Savvy Jack said:


    The 45 ACP has been around since 1898?


    L&R Bullseye...

    ...was introduced in 1898 to replace L&R's "Smokeless Revolver Powder. This is one of those powders that had several types. There were two versions of Bullseye, the first of which was known as Bullseye #1 or “dust” Bullseye. L&R Bullseye #2 was supposed to have been brought out in 1904 as small round black discs .038” dia. X .003”, ostensibly because there were insufficient quantities of #1 to meet demand. It contained 40% NG. This Bullseye #2 is what we identify today as Bullseye, and is believed that it has not changed formula since its introduction in 1898. It went to DuPont in 1907 and to Hercules in 1912. Bullseye, Unique, and Infallible were all made from the same formula, the only difference being granulation.2 It is still manufactured by Alliant in 2007. ~Klaus Neuschaefer


    On a side note, back around 1909, the US Government's loading machines kept dropping an occasional "double charge" of Bullseye in their M1909 45 Colt loads. Most of the time they would blow the gun with the first shot. DuPont came up with a replacement powder called RSQ. One could fire six consecutive double charged 38 caliber loads before it got ugly. Being "rescued" by DuPont, Major K. K. V. Casey requested it be called "RSQ"......Resque! The powder was dropped two years later with the Model 1911. ~Sharp, 1937

    Might have been better to say Bullseye was original powder for 45ACP  Worked then, works now. Pay attention, don’t double charge!

  8. 10 hours ago, Lucky Lead Pepper said:

    So here's a question I have about going to the big events, specifically the Southeast Regional and TN State.  Do I need to be there for everything?  I don't plan to shoot any side matches or do any of the stuff offerred on Thursday.  So could I show up Friday morning and shoot the main matches or is being there Thursday required?  I probably would not attend the banquet either.  I'm just getting started in this and do not have "banquet" clothes.  I wouldn't be staying in a hotel or camping on site as these events are fairly close to me.  I'm an hour away from the regional match and 1.5 hours away from the state match.  What's the normal or expected level of participation in all of the activities in the big matches?

    Banquets are fun. Most have shooter prizes and/or raffles. Tx State last week had 2 73s, a bond Derringer, a Dillon 750, a rugged gear cart, and several other prizes. Go and enjoy yourself. Sit with  your posse. You will make friends. 

    Side matches are fun. You may not be able to mow down a rifle run in 2 seconds, but many matches have other side matches that are not just about speed. I’ve seen them where you look at the scenario, then name your time. Closest to their named time  wins. 

    go and meet people. Check out the pocket pistols & derringers Some will likely tell you here, try mine! 

    while idea is to have fun, make  new friends. 

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  9. 12 minutes ago, El Mulo Vaquero, SASS #55942 said:


    Finding a Rainmaker may be difficult, with only about 300 made.


    Wow, that one looks to be a Beaut! I k ow they are rare. I’ve never seen one live in person. I haunt the gun shows. That’s where I found my lightening. It’s mechanically sound, finish ok, grips worn. ive probably put 25 rounds thru it. I’ve seen a few Thunderers, but none I wanted to buy. Too rough, I want a shooter, even tho I won’t shoot it much. 

    so..... I gotta ask....your Rainmaker for sale? 

  10. 13 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Yer never supposed to watch the targets.

    you are correct, TO primary responsibility is not to  watch targets or count, but should be aware of where bullets are hitting. How do you coach shooter if needed if he asks which target? How do you point out an edge hit, since the book says TO MAY be in be in the Best place to see an edge hit? 

    TO duties when the beep sounds 

    1) watch gun

    2) count shots

    3) coach shooter as needed

    4) anticipate shooter 

    5) be aware of where shooter is on target sequence. (by watching muzzle movement and/or targets peripherally. 
    6) about 14 other things! 

    there is more to being a good TO than just saying STANDBY and pushing the button. 

    phantom, I Know you are a good TO. 

  11. I take into consideration  which way shooter will be moving so as not to impede him. On the really fast rifle shooters I don't even try to watch the targets, I watch the gun for jacked out rounds. 
    newer, slower shooters who are more likely to get confused on target sequence I try to watch targets more. 

    TOing is an art, not a science! 

  12. Those are tough! No parts, Unless you buy a “parts Gun” or find a guy that can machine a part. The model 77s were very delicate. They were called “the gunsmiths best friend”!


    i have one, and like to shoot it every once in a while, but I’m very careful with it. I’d like to find a .41 Thunderer and a .32 Rainmaker to go with it. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Assassin said:

    I'm just wondering why people don't give the shooter enough room to run through the stage unimpeded. Why would anyone other than the shooter and the TO be on the actual firing line?

    It happens 

  14. As we got to the end of the match I would not even look at Totes. He was on fire!  I think it was our next to last stage, a progressive sweep, which I know is Totes favorite and he can really mow it down with the rifle. I was standing next to Ginger Vitis (Totes wife) we were both holding our breath that he did not jack one out. When he put the rifle down we both breathed a huge sigh of relief! I had a hunch then that ole Totes was going to be tough to beat. 


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  15. 1 hour ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


    :o  What If  :P


    Aw common.  Is there really any valid reason to argue an imaginary hypothetical it didn't really happen and the possibilities for a ride to Never Never Land ???  Other than just being bored with nothing better to do ??


    OK.  It's a Holliday and yer off work.  And Bored.  And ya don't wanna mow the lawn, but Sheesh.

    I had a brasser interfere with a shooter once. Clearly in his way. Shooter got by but did lose time. I offered a re-shoot, he declined. 

  16. 3 minutes ago, Cassalong Hopidy said:

    Isn’t this interference by someone other than the TO?  Reshoots are only available on specifically delineated grounds.

    That’s what has me wondering. Brass picker is not a TO, spotter or scorekeeper. If he said something that impeded shooter no call. But if he physically impeded shooter then I think that’s grounds for reshoot. But reshoots carry over safety penalties?? 

  17. 25 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    So, the overzealous posse member drops his brass picker upper, the shooter trips over it, falls and his loaded revolver falls out of his holster.  MDQ.


    This is me doing my Wyatt impersonation.  Do I get a black star?

    That would be a tough penalty to enforce. Shooter was impeded by outside factor (did not trip over his own feet) I’d be inclined to give the reshoot with no penalty. 

    PWB, what say you?

  18. 1 minute ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:


    That is NOT an option in a reshoot situation.

    A shooter does NOT get to choose the better of the two times.


    SHB p.46

    I understand that. I just think it should be an option! I just hate to penalize shooter for something that was not his fault.  If I had an otherwise clean stage I it would take a pretty serious impediment for me to take a reshoot. 

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