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  1. I had the pleasure of shooting with Oklahoma Dee at Comancheria Days last week. For those of you that don’t know Dee he is a very accomplished shooter and is a always a favorite for not only catagory but overall at any match he goes to.  

    Last Friday, 1st stage, first gun, he missed his holster. Dropped gun, SDQ. He cleared his guns, brought then to his cart, came back to line ready to resume posse chores. Never a sour look, a pout, or anything but smiles and helpful for the rest of the match, even though he knew he was out of the running for any awards. I hope if I ever have a similar misfortune I can handle it with as much grace and class as Oklahoma Dee did. 

    I’d ride the river any day with Oklahoma Dee!  Way to “Cowboy up”!

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  2. I asked Charles Goodnight lots of CD questions over the years as he was one of the original CD shooters at THSS that basically wrote the rules. He told me they really wanted single shots to be Sharps, Trapdoors, HiWalls in rifle caliber.  I asked about 44-40 as it was originally a rifle caliber and he said no. He also said no H&R Handi Rifles, as they would obviously be a gamer gun. His opinion. And I tend to agree, is that a Trapdoor Carbine (in 45-70) probably the best Single Shot rifle. Allthough the short-barreled HiWalls that are self-cockers are also pretty good. 


    for lever guns I think a Marlin in 38-55 is the way to go. 

    Cody Dixon is a great category, lots of fun to shoot rifles that require more aiming than  just pointing! I be wish more clubs offered it. 


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  3. Who actually “certifies” or licenses gunsmiths? If I wanted to put up a shingle


    who could say no?  I understand I could not ship pistols anywhere, or long guns out of state, but other than that, what are the rules? 

  4. 11 hours ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:


    Only if worn in pairs (the item pictured is a single)

    SHB p.9 - B-Western regs

    But if you get one side of the horse going, the other side is naturally going to go too! 

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  5. I rarely used Spurs with rowels larger than a dime. 

    I did, in many occasions, loosen the straps to “the sidewalk notch”, so they would drag and make noise. 

    I used to go to barn early before school, feed and maybe ride one. On more than one occasion I showed up at school with Spurs still on boots. Nowadays if probably be expelled for carrying a dangerous weapon on campus! 

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  6. On 3/29/2021 at 7:43 PM, Bailey Creek,5759 said:

    5744 is a good powder for 45-70 . Fills the case. 

    You could take some J B Weld build up the sight that way .

    I like 5744 for my Sharps rifle with a535 grn Bullet. But 25 grns does not come close to filling the case. 

    for my H&R trapdoor I use 14.2 Unique with a 305 grn Bullet. For my original trapdoor I use a full case of APP or BP with a 405 grn Bullet. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Hashknife Cowboy said:

    Real spurs for riding are rarely bigger than 1 1/4 inch in diameter.  Remember spurs are not for hurting the horse they are for pushing and rolling up the side of the horse.  Kind of like running your finger up someone's ribs, they will move.  If a rider miss uses the spurs they deserve to get thrown.  Find something classy and you won't trip over.  Remember don't squat with yer spurs on and take them off before driving, they are hard on your car or truck...…


    Spurs 101 - saddleupcolorado

    My mother used to fuss if I wore them at the table as they marked up the chairs. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L said:

    Some places in Texas call that Cody Dixon and can be shot with a single shot or repeating rifle and it can be shot integrated into a regular Posse like you described. I have not see plainsman shot integrated with a posse before. But all that is really needed are different rifle targets much further out.

    Cody Dixon is not Plainsman. Don’t have to shoot BP, or percussion revolvers. (Allthogh you could if you wanted too, and I certainly encourage everybody else to do so :D

    only real difference in CD and main match is a set of targets further out that are shot with a rifle caliber like 45-70, 38-55, 30-30 etc. can shoot Lever action or Single Shot. Typically 6 rounds. Pistols & shotgun are same as everyone else. 

  9. In figured all brass hulls would shuck better due to the weight, but not so much. 

    my favorite hulls are STS. I do have a few AAs in my box, and no real problem with them, but I prefer the STS hulls. I Mark the head of the Hull every loading, I gave some that I have loaded 10 times. I typically get 6-7 or so. 

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  10. 12 minutes ago, El CupAJoe said:

    I guess all I see are the equipment requirements without a description of what the match is... is it a normal match just shot with single shot rifles?  are the targets further out?  do you still take 10 shots with the rifle?  I can imagine what most of the other side matches involve, I just don't understand what a plainsman match is...

    Plainsman is typically 6 rifle rounds. Targets from 30-100 yds. Whatever the range has available. Most like the larger cartridges like 45-70 or 38-55 because they are easier to grab and manipulate. Plus you get the big BOOM!  

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:


    And per those rules, 32-20, 38-40, and 44-40 should all be allowed in Cody Dixon.  They were introduced as a rifle caliber pre-1900 and are larger than .30.  And I did shoot CD-Lever for a season at Texican Rangers with a 44-40, but only at monthly matches.  Personally, though, I think that those CD rules should be amended to say that main-match-legal pistol calibers are excluded.  I rather think that was the intent, but it is not what (THSS's) rules say.

    I kinda thought 44-40 should be allowed. The reasoning was they take a large pistol primer. But you are correct, should have just said no main match legal caliber 

  12. 4 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    Like Castalia, I  wonder why handi-rifles are not in their own category for Plainsman.


    I have seen a Handi-Rifle without ejectors outrun misses when competing against more traditional single shots.


    A shooter with a handi-rifle can get off two to 3 shots in the same time it takes a shooter shooting a Sharps or Trapdoor to fire one.

    Handi Rifles are definitely the gamer gun in plainsman. Very quick rifles. Even without ejectors.  I like shooting the trapdoor. Sometimes I even shoot an 1880s 10 Guage with external hammers. My Pard Clueless Bob shoots a Maynard or a Burnside rifle, both of which are slow and require a percussion cap, but he gets all the style points, and everybody want to shoot them after the match. Nobody asks to shoot a Handi Rifle! 

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  13. 4 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    Cody Dixon is not an official SASS category. Rules are club specific. 


    Here are some rules that tend to be the same across all clubs


    Rifle must be in a traditional Pre 1900 Rifle caliber. Minimum caliber is 30. No cartridge that is SASS main match legal may be used except 56-50.

    Typical calibers used are 30-30, 30-40, 38-55, 40-65, 45-70, 56-50, and similar cartridges.

    Some clubs allow gas checks

    Most clubs have 4 categories. Single shot and Lever action / Black Powder and Smokeless. No ejectors allowed. Trapdoor rifles are legal.

    Some clubs may allow the Savage model 99. Most do not.

    Most clubs do not allow Handi-Rifles. The few that do put them in their own category.







    Most in Texas go by the rules as written by the Texas Historical Shooting Society as they are the group that started it in Texas 



  14. I enjoy shooting Plainsman side matches 2-3 time/year.  I use a Trapdoor Carbine. 

    Every Plainsman match I’ve been to has 2 categories, modern and traditional. The difference being ejectors on rifle are considered modern. The Handi Rifle being the gun of choice for Modern. The ejector kick the brass out further than the bullet goes to target! 


    per SASS handbook pg 29

    This event requires two .36 caliber or larger Frontiersman Category style percussion revolvers, shot Duelist style.
     - Must use a SASS legal single shot rifle firing a traditional blackpowder rifle or revolver caliber cartridge (e.g., not a .30-.30). The rifle may have spring actuated ejectors if they are standard for that rifle. .38 Special is legal.

    the SASS handbook dies not list  a modern or traditional division. 

    My question, would a trapdoor be modern or traditional? Seems I’ve had it called both ways. The ejector would likely make it modern, yet its a very old system. Just seems odd to call it modern. 

    What sayeth the wire?

  15. 26 minutes ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

    Howdy Hoss, I heard they listened to the shooters and moved the targets closer and painted them red instead of white.  I also heard that you won Cody Dixon single shot, congrats!  

    Targets were good. I thought 1 set of pistol targets were a tad long, at the mine stage. But I think it was mostly a function of the setup at the mine as the targets were shot out of a window. If they were closer it would have been a difficult angle. They weren’t overly far, but did take a little extra concentration. 

    and thanks! Yes I was fortunate to win my category. I really enjoyed shooting the trapdoor!



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  16. Trailhead was a great match. The fine folks at the Texas Historical Shooting Society did a great job. Good main match, mo crazy sequences or P traps. Targets were all very hittable (not saying I hit them all!) Good side matches, side match award dinner, main match award banquet,  lots of nice raffle items.  A good time was had by all! 


    Congrats to overall champion Rusty Remington and the top lady, Panhandle Cowgirl.  

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