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  1. 3 hours ago, Dirty Dog Doug said:

    Uberti makes sweeet  22 LR  and it holds 12 rounds looks and feels the same as my 4 others in 357 just little heavier with a smaller hole in the barrel 

    22 is the bottom gun

    5 ubertis.jpg

    I dont think a 12 round gun would be allowed. Of course, at a monthly match probably ok, if that’s all you have! 

  2. the Roughriders seem pretty tough to me, plus have those ugly safety’s on the port side.

    For the money, the Ruger wranglers are hard to beat. 
    ruger shopkeeper is a nice pistol, smaller frame, shorter barrel. 
    ruger single six’s are very nice. 
    my Colt Frontier is my favorite 


    even before the ammo shortage I would drag the 22s and a 410 out at a 5th Saturday monthly match every once in a while and shoot “Buckaroo “. They are fun to shoot! 

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  3. Chootem!


    in practice at first. I doubt there will be much difference. If you see a measurable difference scrapem 


    been thinkin about this. In reality, I think I would scrap them, Allthough I doubt they would blow up a gun, but why risk it for a couple lbs of powder. 

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  4. Bakails are a step up from Stoeger for sure, and built like tanks. I had 2 Johnny Meadows. Sold one for 600 (as I recall) kept the other one. My main match shotgun is now an SKB 200. Paid 1200 for it. I dont see the Bakail in that range, but $5-700 for a “virgin” one sounds about right to me. 

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  5. I think the Hiwalls are probably a better action than the Sharps. Certainly stronger than the Trapdoor (I have all 3).  For extreme long range I expect the center hammer on the HiWall likely more accurate than the side hammer Sharps. 
    I like 38-55 300yds and under. 45-70 for further shots. I’ve shot my Sharps 45-70 600 yds. (And hit the targets :D)

    45-70 can be downloaded for a very comfortable load. A 330 grn Bullet with 14.2 Unique works well. For my Sharps, I like 25 grns 5744 with a 535 grn Bullet. 

  6. Had a great time. The Oklahoma Territorial Marshals know how to put on a match. I have no doubt they can handle the National Championship match in fall of 2022. I’m looking forward to going! 

    had a little rain, was chilly, but ground was good, no slippin/sliding in mud or anything. The banquet was without a doubt the best I’ve ever been to. The venue is fantastic. I had a couple of ammo issues, had 2 rounds push back into case and lock up my rifle. I guess my crimp die must have backed off a tad. I did manage to win the long Rage BP lever rifle side match, so pleased with that. 

    Congrats to all the winners, Dead Eye Dillard was overall champion. He must have shot one heck of a match to beat Missouri Lefty. I was on Lefty’s posse, phenomenal shooter and a fine you g man. Hard worker on the posse. 

    And shout out to Buckshot Sully, wrangler champion. He has been working hard and it paid off. 

    and Billy the Avenger did a great job as PM!



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  7. On 4/24/2021 at 3:02 PM, Steady Habit said:

    ill take it, PM sent


    I have a Uberti 76 in 45-60. Great rifle!  I shoot a 305 grn Bear Creek coated Bullet with 12.0 grns Unique. Works well for me.  Won the Lever Action Long Range at SASS SW regional “Land Run” with it this week!  Enjoy your rifle! 

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  8. I shoot Cody Dixon a lot in Texas. I started with a Marlin 1895 in 45-70, then a Win 94 in 38-55. Big improvement. Then a Marlin 336 in 38-55 which I think is ideal. Some shoot CD with a 30-30, but I don’t think that’s ideal, as it does not make much sound or rattle the target like a 45-70 or even a 38-55. 
    my Win 76 in 45-60 is a fine rifle, but a tad heavy. 

  9. 7 hours ago, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:

    These are my pocket pistols.  I have used them all at one point or another...



    The upper right is an Iver Johnson.  Here's a closeup of it.



    When I was getting ready to go out to EoT a few year ago, I wanted to use this gun because it's "newer" than the others and safe for smokeless.  (.38 S&W)  I was worried about the big target grips, so I posted this pic here on the wire and and asked if it was still okay for use as a pocket pistol.   I believe it was Palewolf, who said that this pistol was okay as is.

    Something like this can usually be found for a fairly reasonable price.   (Everything else in the collection pic is a BP pistol.)  If you don't like the big target grips.  They can be replaced by standard ones, or just find an example of this gun itself with regular grips.

    I have found it to be rugged, reliable, and a fairly fast shooter when it needs to be.   For precision work, if such an event exists, it has a good crisp SA trigger as well.  (So does the Merwin & Hulbert)

    If I wanted another pocket, I'd get another one of these.

    The Lightening likely has a 4 1/4”  barrel, which makes it too long for PP side matches. When I bought mine I figured it was 4” but it 4 1/4. They did make some shorter, some longer but the majority are 4 1/4

  10. I have 13. I don’t know that the IJ cadet would be legal. I saw a guy shooting some sort of recent vintage IJ, had adjustable sights. I pointed out that adjustable sights weren’t legal for PP, he said they had been shooting it with no questions asked. While I don’t think the adjustable sights make a difference, thems the rules!  And for want it’s worth, it wasn’t a very fast pistol. 


    The best are the S&W. Just better made. I do have an Iver Johnson that’s ok. H&R, American, several other off brands. I even have a Merwin Hulbert. Neat pistol, but not fast. I always scout pocket pistols at gun shows. 
    Bond derringers are the way to go for derringer side matches. I have a 85 Remington, hammer spring came from a 58 Buick.  Plus it’s a pain to load 41 rimfire. I changed out hammer sping on my Bond, put in a Sp 101 spring. Cut off a couple of coils, added washers until it would reliably light off primers. 

    1/2 the fun of PP us finding one that will work! 

  11. 3 minutes ago, Billy the Avenger said:

    Good luck, can't wait to see who runs that group haha


    Billy The Avenger 

    I’ve heard he was the best PM ever! 

    looking forward to meeting you and the   rest of the cowpokes on #17!

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  12. Got my posse assignment, #17. I only know 3 other shooters on the posse, so going to make some new friends. Can’t hardly wait. Gonna be doing some pre-packing this weekend, headed out Tuesday. 

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  13. I have  a Uberti 76 in 45-60. I enjoy shooting it. I have brass cut down from 45-70 as well as some real 45-60. It feeds both, no issues. I did have trigger worked on a bit. I have a nice set of Kelley sights on it, does well out to 300 yds. After that it’s a challenge. I shoot a 305 grn Bear Creek bullet over 12.0 Unique. 

    if you are going to cut down 45-70 brass, harbor freight has a handy little Mimi chop saw. Works well. A Pard printed a 3D jig. Easy-peasy to make brass 

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