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  1. Shooter had a cap not pop. 5th round. He went around, cocking/decocking using both hands until he brought the cylinder back into position. Fired the shot with one hand 
    I know decocking is not allowed without permission from TO. But frontiersman are allowed to use off hand to manipulate cylinder as needed. 

    no call was made. But I’m not sure that was correct? (For the record, I was as LT, not a spotter or TO). 

    im my opinion, there was no safety issue involved. And TO was obviously aware of the cocking/decocking. But I’m not sure this would be considered the proper procedure. 

  2. I have a Trapdoor Carbine made 2nd qtr 1874. Has no Provenance, but is of the correct serial # to have been a “Custer” Rifle.  My Pard tells me I should carve “GAC” in the stock, scratch it out, and put “SB” on it. :)


      I shoot it at plainsman matches 2-3 times per year. It’s a fine, tight old gun. Really a great to shot it and wonder where all it’s been. 

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  3. You find your “zero” typically at 100 yds. Then if you know your muzzle velocity, Bullet weight and ballistic coefficient you can enter that into a ballistics calculator. It will give you the settings for a given distance. It will be pretty durn close. Yes wind can affect the Bullet, and to a lesser extent atmospheric conditions, but the calculator will be close and a good starting point. 
    my Shilo Sharps likes 535 grn Bullet, 25 grns 5744 powder   

  4. 2 hours ago, Roger Rapid said:



    Did shooter move to another position to pick up rifle? If so, did he fire the pistol from the rifle position? (I assume he didn't move back to pistol position with cocked rifle in hand.)


    Sounds from your description that it was a real situation. Interesting one...


    Rifle & pistol from same spot 

  5. we may have had this before in a WTC thread, but could not remember. 

    stage is Pistol rifle shotgun


    shooter leaves one in pistol, safely holstered, picked up rifle, was levering when TO & counters hollered “1 more in pistol” shooter held rifle, cocked, safely pointed down range, drew pistol, fired last round, holstered pistol, continued with rifle.  In less time than it took me to type this! 

    I know cannot have 2 Loaded pistols in hand (unless gunfighter) but could not find rule covering this. I made it a no-call. What say the campfire? 

  6. Like others, I’ve found that the nickel cases split way sooner than brass. I try to use them for pistols only. But if one sneaks into my rifle reloads I load it first, so I shoot last. If it won’t eject call “broken gun” put it down, no penalty, no misses for Unfired rounds. .   

    BTW, I catch 99% of my bad cases buy grabbing a double handful, say 15-20 or so cases. Cup them in my hands and shake. If there is a split case you will hear it. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Springfield Slim SASS #24733 said:

    By a tad off I hope you mean they will chamfer the end more, because just shortening it will not help. And you don't need a machine shot for that, a grinder will work just fine. Just make sure you file and polish the ground area or you might scratch the inside of the brass, creating a weak spot.

    Yes, chamfer the end a bit. 

  8. I load my 38-55 on a Dillon 550.  I have to watch the case as it enders the expander die.  if its just a tad off-center it will wrinkle the case mouth.  I think the kength of the case has somethig to do wiht it, it is not held pefectly rigid in the shell plate.  I've comsidered taking the expander to a machine shop and geting them to take a tad off, make it easier to enter the case mouth  

  9. My “home” club, Texas Riviera Pistoleros, shoot 2nd Saturday.  We really wanted to shoot, but governor limited outdoor sporting events to groups of 4. We average about 20 at a monthly match (too many for one posse, too small for two!)  we decided to have a practice match, limited to first 24 to sign up via email, call or FB. 
    we sound up with 20, had 5 four-person posses. Actually worked pretty well.  All 4 shooters loaded guns (2 at a time) and left loaded guns on LT. Then shot, 1 shooter, 1TO, 2 counters. Not ideal but it worked pretty darned good. We started 0900, shot 6 stages, done by 1100. Several shooters commented we ought to try this in the hot summer months. Probably 5 per posse would be better (assuming  the 4 person/group limit is relaxed) 

    anyways, it wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t bad!

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  10. Just now, Charlie MacNeil, SASS #48580 said:

    Did you have to do anything to the nipple pockets on your 58s to make it work? I’ve got a set of 58s that are borrowed so I don’t think Dremeling is an option!




    Sorry about hijacking the thread!

    Nope, worked fine as is. It does take a bit of learning the correct angle and how to work it. After you use it 3-4 times it gets easier. 

  11. Mine took a couple of weeks, when it arrived it was kind of neat. The envelope was covered with Polish postal stamps 


    the Polish capper works really well on my 58 Remingtons. A little bit of a learning curve, but then good to go. I like that you can fully seat the cap on the nipple. 

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  12. I use about 1/4 of a fiber wad over shot, then a overshot card and glue it in place with water glass. The piece of fiber wad gives a little more “traction” for the overshot card to stick too. I had. Couple of shells leak the shot out. Doing this fixed that problem. 
    my load Column


    7/8 oz by volume BP (same measure as shot) 

    nitro card 

    fiber wad

    7/8 oz shot
    1/4 fiber wad

    overshot card 



    knocks down everything I’ve pointed it at. 
    I sometimes sub 777 for BP. I tried APP but was not as reliable knocking down targets. 

  13. Congrats. I know wasaaay back in the day, When I thought I wanted to be a vet, and enrolled at LSU in the pre-vet program, I quickly found out that it’s  easier to get into med school than vet school. (I didn’t do either). I wish her well in her future endeavors, both personally and professionally.   

  14. I saw a picture a long time back, don’t know where, shooter had a Braided leather piece about 6” long, ended in a braided Lether ball about the size of a golf ball. Attached to the sling point on muzzle. Shooter held it with left hand,, pulling and bracing rifle into shoulder. Avoided the Henry hop, and if shooting BP, kept fingers off hot barrel. As it’s not really a sling, I wonder if SASS legal. 

  15. I heard from a powder distributor today that Trail Boss is being discontinued. I’ve never used it, but I know a lot of folks swear by it. Anybody else hear this rumor? 

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  16. 27 minutes ago, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:


    I've got one in that caliber.  


    Two questions for you.   1.  Was the chamber ridiculously tight?  2.  Was there a spacer in the magazine that limited it to 10 rounds?

    Mine had both of those problems.  Having the chamber polished fixed the first problem.   Number 2 made it VERY difficult to get the 9th and 10th rounds in, and twice I had the sprint push the round in under the carrier.   Since taking the spacer out, that has never happened again, and the 10 rounds go in with no difficulty.

    I've never had any trouble loading 10.  I dont know that I've tried 11.


    Chambers are not tight.  I dont remember the bullet diameter i've been using, but I think they are .428.  I'll have to look at the box.  I could be wrong.  

  17. On 4/26/2020 at 4:41 PM, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:


    You mean, you've got a Lightning, by AWA, and it DIDN'T become your favorite?  Wow...   :)


    What caliber is it in?


  18. We are looking at having a “practice match”.  I Texas governor has limited outdoor sports to 4 participants. We will have 4 per stage, 6 stages. Shooter, TO, 2 counters. No hugging 

    limiting to first 24 to sign up. 


    not perfect, but at least shooting. 

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